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Unity saving the people Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Shahjahan Siraj, Bangladesh Feb 11, 2004
Technology , Citizen Journalism , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


There are many challenges but we have to find a way to unite together the villagers and city dwellers, poor and rich. The most crucial problem for Bangladesh is lack of ICT leadership and strategy both in Government and NGO level, which come from the lacking of technical knowledge and expertise of senior citizens who are policy makers and top of the society. Even though more than 90% people don’t know about Internet even haven’t seen computer yet!

In order to harmonize the modern technology with indigenous culture, Bangladesh demands to establish ‘Grammen Cyber Café’ in each village, which can be also rural computer training centre. Computer and ICT related initiatives could create large number of IT related jobs for rural educated youth, particularly for girls. Consequently, the serious unemployment problem and the need to migrate from the villages to the city will reduce. The rural e-commerce can bring the villagers to the Global market directly without interference and exploitation by the middlemen. In order to access quality and relevant information to the people, Bangladesh needs to launch websites on e-governance, e-learning e-commerce in which the target and subject can be the village people and life, covering agriculture, products and market related information, flood and disaster management, HIV/AIDS and health consciousness, human rights and gender equalization, cultural heritage and social justice.

I have a dear vision and faith, in Bangladesh new media can play a successful role to build up unity and tolerance within the nation, especially in political sectors by popularizing the patriotic slogan, “Unity saving the people, unity saving the nation.” From the beginning people of Bangladesh are suffering because of political leaders selfish thinking and non-cooperative attitudes.

With out love and unity there is no success. Today’s Global Family is broken and divided due to misunderstandings. God has been crying and suffering for a long time losing children. We have to eliminate our heavenly Parents’ sufferings. The absolute achievement of the human life is ‘Peace’ means the absence of conflicts between two entities as they interact in a harmonious partnership. When the extremes live together, there appear most beautiful scenarios as like as the unity of sharp mountains and valleys.

By the proper use of internet and media we can promote and practices three qualities of the unity: participation, living together and inheritance. To make true Global family ICT opens a great opportunity for the people participation. Living together point toward sharing each other’s situation, joy and sorrow, sickness and health, wealth and poverty. The unity of the future world is characterized by interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. In the unified world we can recognize our independence with all people, indeed with entire web of nature. Through sharing universal values, humankind will be enlightened to pursue the holistic solutions of the world problems.

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Writer Profile
Shahjahan Siraj

Shahjahan Siraj is a multiemdia designer, film maker and development practitioner (http://www.machizo.com/siraj) in Bangladesh. He is the founder of Machizo Multimedia Communication, however editor and publisher of 'Climate Radio', 'UnnayanTV' and 'UnnayanNews'. (http://www.machizo.com)
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