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Pain Avoidance Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by King TUT JR., Egypt Nov 6, 2005
Health   Opinions


3 - Look for the habits in your life. Think about the route you take to work or go to school every day. Think of your relationships with those you love. Are there habits you have developed that you would rather do away with? Do you have a routine you always do when you get off work, or go to School or college? Are these habits empowering you to achieve the things you want out of life?

If you have difficulty recognizing your habits, ask someone you love (trust) and someone who loves (trusts) you about your habits. Do not worry about any habits you have now, unless you feel they are destructive to yourself or others. You should just become aware of your habits so you can decide later if you need to adjust or eliminate any of them.

The first step in solving a problem is identification of the problem. You may decide to eliminate some of the habits you have identified in this Part as a part of your major goals.

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