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Digital Signature Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Nischal, Nepal Jan 8, 2005
Technology   Opinions


•Licensing and monitoring the authenticating mechanism
•Setting the standards of the digital signatures
•Setting the basic methods of electronic transactions
•Creating and updating the database of the data that law has defined to be publicly known

The governmental agencies have to be really aware of the fast changing technologies that may be the threat to the transactional security. The traditional way of thinking and implementation may not work in this case because the computer technologies are said to be the fastest emerging and changing technology of the world.

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Writer Profile

Name: Nischal Dahal
Profession: Computer Professional.

I have a strong desire to use the ICT in the development of countries. These countries have tremendous potentials but are in hand of those people who are not aware of the power of technology to accelerate their country like a rocket in the path of development. I believe if technology is used in right way the poverty can be easily be eliminated.

I am a strongly against reservation of seats of backward communities in higher education because i believe the schooling must be free to those people and the government should make sure that everybody gets basic education. Then everybody should have right to compete for higher education. If the higher education is taken as granted then the a handful of people will enjoy the benefit and grass root level remains in same level
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