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Commercialization of Thoughts Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Nusrah Wali, United States Oct 21, 2003
Citizen Journalism   Opinions


When advertisers say there’s no such thing as subliminal messaging I don’t believe them. As an advertising student and as a consumer I disagree. As an advertiser I look for ways to make products appealing, to make people want something. If you make something look very very appealing, then off course you can’t expect people to not react, which is what they do. Also bombarding them with something over and over again is almost like memorization. You’re making them memorize your product and your promises to make them feel better, or look sexier, so when they see your product in real life they associate all those things you promised with your product. As a child when I saw shoes they meant nothing to me because I hadn’t seen a commercial about shoes promising me anything, so shoes were just that, shoes, nothing more and nothing less.

For information about media and subliminal messaging, read: The Age Of Manipulation: The Con In Confidence, The Sin In Sincere By Wilson Bryan Key

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Nusrah Wali

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dreamscoper | Jan 16th, 2004
This is a very well written article. Precise, to the point and illustrative at the same time. I really liked the article evry much. It is personal yet has something that we wil all agree to or associate with at some time of our lives. A very practical article.

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