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Raise My Voice Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Kevin A. Ferreira, United States Dec 27, 2006
Culture , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


I am going crazy,
The world has become hazy,
I am stuck in a world,
A world in which I was not prepared for,
One where everywhere I turn,
I am being shaped,
Being molded,
To fit society,
A society,
Where everyone just keeps to themselves,
No one cares about each other,
But just for the good themselves

I want to speak out,
I want to raise my voice,
I want the world to see what it can be,
A place of beauty, peace, and everlasting harmony.

This world has been torn apart,
By people who are blind,
People who only see gain,
But what is there to gain,
When so much blood is shed,
When all the really is,
Is the Earth?

What do we stand for,
What are we doing?
They say we are the most advanced ,
Yet do more damage than good,
We don’t understand the Earth,
We destroy to gain reward,
But if we destroy the Earth,
Then what will those rewards amount to?

I want to speak out,
I want to raise my voice,
I want the world to see what it can be,
A place of beauty, peace and everlasting harmony.

In this world I am stuck,
I am not given the chance,
To raise my voice,
Even if it’s for the benefit of us all,
I’m sick of this life,
Full people too occupied by themselves.
We live in a society,
Where my voice is only kept to me,
Maybe one day they will all see,
How much my words really mean,
How much we need to change,
How much can happen,
So that we all can be happy.



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Kevin A. Ferreira

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Well done!!!
CM | Feb 7th, 2007
I really love your poem. There are so much things which are really true and it is nice that you feel that way. Keep on going. Claudia

A good poem with meaningful ideas !
Yassir El Ouarzadi | Jun 22nd, 2007
Firstly, I have really appreciated your poem but I think that your voice will not stay just kept to you with the actions of youth all over the world that contribute to attain the Millenium Development Goals that cope with a variety of issues such as the promotion of education, maternity health care, gender equality, poverty reduction policies, child mortality, AIDS and other fatal deseases. Besides, your poetic verses are truly full of good ideas and reflect the reality of most people. Finally, I invite you to join my project called "Highly poetry!", now the project has started in French and the URL is http://projects.takingitglobal.org/elouarzadi. Keep up your good work !

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