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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Ode to Kenyan Vagrant Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Aderemi Adegbite, Nigeria Dec 26, 2006
Culture , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Along suffocated streets,
Briskly, I walked,
Casting gazes on gigantic structures
On earth-scape of my country's home:
Nairobi, Kenya's capital state.

Across silent streets
I shambled, with subtle gazes
On mountainous mansions;
Fortune consumed estates,
My adored terrain.

Morning through noon,
Afternoon through evening,
I wobbled along the district
Completing the cardinal points .
Solitary, in search of kin-folks.

Suddenly, I was greedily gripped
Firmly on my fragile thigh
By horribly looking traitors
Dressed in alien attire:
On account of peace and order!

Within a blink,
Before a mobile court
I was arranged and
Charged: Vagrancy!
Judge's verdict: Guilty!

No! Not on this fertile soil
That sunk my sweat!
O, not on this glorious land
I toiled and moiled
For her perfect freedom!

Alas! I whimper against
These foreign hands,
On the fertile earth-scape:
Nairobi, my country's home,
Africa, the black folks' house.



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Writer Profile
Aderemi Adegbite

Aderemi Adegbite, a Nigerian based in Lagos has engrave his name in the literary environ with his poetry that is purely African. His works always have an undertone of African consciousness and some dwell on the values, arts and culture of the entire Black race. Most of his works have been published abroad in different anthologies alongside works of literary giants in the United Kingdom and Journals in Nigeria. He is also a journalist, an essayist and prose writer.
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