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Media, Hypocrisy and Conflict: Still an Issue? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by shoks, South Africa Jan 20, 2003
Citizen Journalism   Opinions


Perturbing, just perturbing, is how I'll sum up the state of affairs in the world today. There are so many self-righteous hypocrites and powers that be that will do whatever it takes to muzzle the media.

I'm so heartened by the United Kingdom's Independent Television Commission (ITV) on its ruling that airing "Palestine Is Still the Issue" - a documentary by a UK-based journalist, John Pilger of Australia - was well-researched and reflected journalistic integrity.

Here, Pilger, was examining the effects of Israel's long-standing military occupation that's turned Palestinians to refugees in their own land. It must be noted that Israel's been reminded countless times (by the United Nations, among others), that the occupation is illegal and unacceptable thus it should stop.

The hypocrites complained against this documentary, citing "factual incorrectness, historical incorrectness... tragedy for Israel so far as accuracy is concerned."
Following the conclusion of the investigation on "factual incorrectness, and historical incorrectness" Pilger's channel summed up the situation as follows: "The ITC's vindication of the Pilger documentary is a clear rejection of an extraordinary orchestrated attack on it, much of it orchestrated by the Israeli government in the United States."
Still wondering what's going on in the occupied territories of Palestine? Long-standing illegal military occupation. This occupation is worse than apartheid, some observers believe.

Bottom line of the story is at some point, the truth shall prevail... never mind the (influential) self-righteous hypocrites and powers that be.

To mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let us all reflect and think about what these values really mean - democracy, equality, fairness, freedom, justice and peace. Pause... and think about your surroundings, not just your village, town or city - think global.

As seen in Israel and South Africa, with Ma'ariv and ETV respectively, (some) journalists all over the world are breaking the chains and telling the soul truth. Shame unto those who continue to be used.



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we all have a responsability
Raymond M. Kristiansen | Nov 8th, 2003
we all have a responsability to express ourselves. our conscience. with the internet, anyone can be a publisher. if you notice something wrong in your neighbourhood, speak out!! :) if you have the time, and want to prioritize this, of course

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