by Racquel Nixon
Published on: Nov 30, 2006
Type: Poetry

*I know it's kind of long, but it's worth the read

Waiting in this room
with him by my side
looks in to my eyes
smile fades.

white walls are blinding
my heart is beating
our hands tighten
nurse calls my name.

he nods and smiles as i leave
he mouths "you're alright baby"
my eyes well with water
i walk in

she takes my information
doctor will be in, in a few
she leaves, the posters and
medical supplies are my company

a doctor comes in
words were short
rolled up my sleeve
to feel the needle inside me
I'm done

back in the seat again
only my man has gone
flip through a magazine
moments have gone by

sun pours through my window two weeks later
we got the results
smiles appear on our faces
we kiss in celebration

he thanks me for saving his life
i thank him for saving mine
knowing is beautiful
don't waste time, get tested.

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