by precious ebisintei
Published on: Nov 28, 2006
Type: Opinions


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In Nigeria today, whenever the word drug is mentioned most people refer to its as tablets or pain killers which when taken, could relieve a person from a particular illness.
However, drugs have always been seen in most cases as medicine or substances of relief, without paying attention to their negative effects. Therefore, looking at drugs from this angle has imbibed in our children the negative spirit of playing with them, always taking them to be objects of relief or even as food in most cases.
What is drug? From medical perspective, drugs have been seen as medicinal substances which takes the form of either tablet, injection, capsules etc. which are used for the treatment of various ailment and only on doctors prescription.
On the other hand, drugs can be seen as illegal substances which people take into their bodies either by injection, smoking, inhaling etc. to achieve a pleasant or exciting feeling and to elevate their level of reasoning and performances. Such drugs could be classified as hard drugs e.g. heroine, cocaine, marijuana etc.
Thus, looking at drugs from either of the above mentioned perspective, it is obvious that they contain sensitive substances which affect the body positively or negatively.
Having elaborated on the negative effects of drugs as well as its ‘magical powers’ in the body, children should not just be warned about playing with drugs, but should be properly monitored, educated and most importantly, disassociated with drugs of all kinds. Most of the beverages and fruits such as kola nuts possess great drug content. Children should be warned about these also.
In the same manner, parents who form the habit of taking hard drugs and alcohol, sometimes take these drugs in their home in the presence of their children or give little to their children in parties or ceremonies just to stop them from crying either deliberately or under the influence of this drug.
Also, they might even get drunk or feel dizzy in this process leaving the drugs exposed for the children who must have seen sitting somewhere watching the parent taking this drugs. The kid might also want to taste, feel or even get the very enjoyment that the parent was having from the drug, which might eventually result in excessive consumption of hard drugs which in anyway is not unconnected to death, thus, such a child could be exposed to a lot of danger ranging from mental to physiological problems.
Most especially in our society today, due to the urge for making money or selling our businesses, quickly, we neglect under-aged kids and serve them alcohol and cigarettes when they come to buy them by promoting the use of the drugs by our children. Let us not forget the movies, songs, Internet and books are children watch or read, as parents we need to monitor it all, because children copy very fast.
In conclusion, children they say are the leaders of tomorrow and a better future depends solely on their proper up-bringing, therefore parents should be good role models or examples for their children. Like the scripture says ‘train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it’.
Furthermore, I believe that the government should honestly and earnestly pursue policies and programmes that would reduce unemployment, frustration, suppression, neglect, tension, confusion, threat and the situation of hopelessness been faced by the people and give a new faith and hope especially among children. They should also work hand in hand with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS) to organize seminars, talks and conferences aimed at educating the parents as well as the general public. We need your help to help many children in Africa
My charge for you this day is to preach the gospel of drug-free life styles to all and sundry. Our own life styles too should equally serve as models to others.
Charity they say begins at home. So we all need to start from our homes and ensure that we do not sell or use these drugs.

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