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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
by Erick Ochieng Otieno, Kenya Nov 15, 2006
Human Rights , Education   Opinions


THE ABANDONED AFRICAN CHILD Looking at these young African children from Kisumu looking for fish at the shores of Lake Victoria, one question lingers in my head, "why do they do it? Is int there some one ton fetch for the so that they can go to school?" Then the reality strikes me, they have to because their parents do not have the ability to raise food for them. Why, they are left to wander and fetch for themselves.

This is the reality that faces most of the African children. As the gap between the poor and the rich grows more and more, those who face the pinch are usually the young one who can not go to work and look after themselves. They usually opt for the most reasonable solution, to go fishing. Those from the lakes are far much better as the fish is just an effort further. What about those who do not come from the beaches to get free fish through fishing?The include the abandoned street urchins who normally resort to crime at such tender ages and grow to be hard core criminals.

The saddest thing is that it doesn't have to be this way. If an effort can be made to take care of these young children, who knows, they may grow to be very worthy leaders in future.



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Writer Profile
Erick Ochieng Otieno

I was a student from Egerton University. I pursued a course leading to a BSc in Applied Aquatic Sciences. I believe that through writing, one can relieve a lot from the heart. Inspiration came from hearing and reading. Whoever said that you have to be an old one to communicate issues of policies, did not consider that even a newborn communicates through its own way, "crying". I would like to communicate to the world all my thoughts; However minor they are, I believe they will go a great length to straighten or strengthen a policy or two somewhere and I shall have contributed to the well being of the world. How noble that is, it is for my worthy readers to let me know. So what do you think? Tell me anytime. Bye and have a nice reading.
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