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Two Strokes and You're Out!! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Vijay_Nath, United States Dec 28, 2002
Health   Opinions
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To my relief Rhona was thrilled when she found the ring in her dessert and with tears in her eyes accepted my proposal. We sat there for a long time discussing our future together and our dreams.

We are currently happily married and looking forward to our one year anniversary in March 2003!

Final Thoughts

It is sad that you have to go through something serious to really get to know who your real friends are. It is also sad that it took something so trying to force me to re-evaluate my life. I had not taken any vacations during my first ten years in the U.S. and worked with my nose to the ground. Now I have learnt to appreciate the simpler things in life … the things we take for granted, like walks on the beach, a ride through the countryside and the company of loved ones.

I hope that others reading this do not wait to learn these gems, remember what is important in your life … money comes and goes but good friends and family stay forever. Health is one of the most important things, without which you may not be able to enjoy all the things you are working hard for. The other important thing is faith – no matter how tough your situation seems, there is always someone going through a much harder journey. Remember, everything happens for a reason and whether you believe it or not for the best. Don’t give up faith – faith in yourself, faith in the people around you and faith in whatever else you believe in. I am not a very religious person though I do believe in God but I am not going to say that I gained strength from that, though I am sure that it was the prayer of all the people around me (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus) that played a major part in my recovery. I will let you reach that decision in religious faith up to you.


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