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by Reggie, United States Oct 28, 2006
Health   Opinions
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A major concern for me regarding the penning of this article is for my fellow Africans who are faced with a menace threatening to decimate its flowering populace. As we contend with social forces that have overtime worked against us, we are beset yet again with another unresolved mystery, bringing a new dimension to our struggle as a continent to eliminate the darkness and the thrust of continental dependency. I have never really believed in statistics imported from across the sea about every facet of the Africa life. I have always lived to be objective and make my conclusions from what could we as a people could relate to thus making me question the veracity of HIV statistics on Africa.
HIV, I have always believed is a phenomenon that has been politicized to the suffering of Africa, plummeting us within the vicious triangle of economic, political and health dependency. Have you ever wondered why there is much ado about managing a disease that very few have opted to tell us where it came from? The medical field, the media, and government has not enlightened us about its origin, yet much money and efforts has gone into
enlightening us about how to prevent or live with it. Sometimes, understanding the source of problem could as well lead you into its solution.
They first incidence of AIDS is reported to have been in Los Angeles in 1981. It came to be established as a disease found mostly among homosexual and bisexuals. Barely 15 years after, Africa has approximately 60% of the reported HIV/AIDS especially sub-Saharan Africa. Now Africa is heavily dependent on external aid to help it combat a disease we cannot ascertain its origin. I researched several materials including the Internet and discovered there was a dearth of information on where this plague comes from. Almost the entire medical field, if not all, believes that the disease derived from some natural evolutionary event. But Dr. Jonathan Mann who is according to the medical field, a WHO/AIDS czar, made a profound statement shortly before his death in an Airline Crash en route the European AIDS conference. He stated that more than a medical significant problem, AIDS is a socio-political imposition. Is AIDS man-made? This is the dreadful question that pervades my mind throughout my search for what information had on its origin. While I do not want to draw conclusions but to provoke you to having an inquisitive mind, I cannot but be tempted to conceive AIDS as iatrogenic. This is because of the unique way this virus works.
HIV which is the cause of AIDS is a retrovirus that possesses a special enzyme called "Reverse Transcripts". This enzyme is able to make a copy of the DNA of the viral RNA which enables the virus to reverse the normal flow of genetic information and to incorporate its viral genes into the genetic material of its host. This virus may remain latent for a lengthy period of time until it is
reactivated. A major step in the HIV infection is that it binds itself to a receptor called the CD4 which is found on the surface of the T4 cells (your soldier cells that fight infection in the body). This way, it gains entrance into the nucleus of the T4 cells, grows and reproduces within it, and then destroys the T4 cell. A point to note is that whichever cell in the body carries the CD4 on its surface, will get attacked by the HIV. This is almost the same way a computer virus works, by attaching itself to files and then finding its way to the computer system shell or kernel, thereby crashing it. The process looks highly planned and instructed. This may in a way points to the likelihood that AIDS is iatrogenic. However, there are several explanations to the contrary.
On reading the Leonard Horowitz postulations on the danger of HIV/ AIDS, I began to wonder if Western scientists are not hiding things from the common man on the street. Horowitz believes that HIV/AIDS is the outcome of "specific vaccination experiments". This is buttressed by the WHO specialist, the late Dr Jonathan Mann. According to him, "AIDS is undoubtedly man-made. I can now assert its iatrogenic origin". He further links those developments to the early or mid-1970s.
From some of the materials I came across, I discovered that most of the investigating scientists seem to link the AIDS pandemic to the Hepatitis B vaccine. In 2001, this was the publication of the Royal Society of London. This society published its proceedings on its enquiry into the origin of AIDS, in which they focused on the theory that contaminated Polio vaccines triggered the HIV/ AIDS pandemic, after which consideration was given for the theory of the HB vaccine. The publication stated that clear resolutions were made by the society of which I quote some profound parts:- "There should be an investigation by an international committee mostly composed of non-medical people concerning how a rather obvious and plausible theory (of AID S's origin from contaminated vaccines) came to be proved and restricted from publication for so long, especially when important consequences regarding mankind's' worse epidemic and even more important consequences for others, possibly even worse that may be following, hang in the balance".

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Writer Profile

I am Reggie, a Nigerian based in the US and studying for a Masters in Public Affairs. I am concerned about leadership in Africa and Nigeria as a unit and to actively play a role in an African Renaissance. I believe that change in Africa comes when individuals assume responsibility for creating such and begin the process of productivity in their little capacity. The views here are entirely mine and shows the musings of my mind. I can be contacted at holyreg@gmail.com

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