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Their Blood cries out Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Andrew Lauman, Canada Dec 21, 2002
Human Rights   Opinions


In Sudan Christians are enslaved. In Iran they are assassinated. In Cuba they are imprisoned. In China they are beaten to death.

In more than 60 countries worldwide, Christians are harassed, abused, arrested, tortured or executed specifically because of their faith.

200,000,000 Christians throughout the world live in daily fear of secret police, vigilantes, or state repression and discrimination.

These are not wild rumors. Nor are these simply Christians who, like so many others, suffer from war or tyranny. Hundreds of millions of Christians are suffering simply because of what they believe.

Yet for some reason, media doesn't cover this? Why is that? Why is it that we continue to trade with countries that are involved in horrible, deplorable practices? Does our greed blind us? Is money more valuable to us than lives?

Do you know what China does to Christians?

The Russian Church has experienced perhaps the most severe and sustained levels of persecution in recent history. Martyrs have been numbered in the millions, and the Church's infrastructure was largely destroyed.

In Sudan, the National Islamic Front's forced Islamization campaign continues as one of the most vicious attacks on the Church worldwide. Ongoing reports describe countles Christians sold into slavery, families torn apart, children forced to embrace Islam, churches being destroyed, and believers being tortured and killed. Despite this extreme hardship and persecution, however, the Church in Sudan continues to grow.

Yet we continue to stand by and watch? Why? It is like we are blinded to what is really happening in this world.



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Writer Profile
Andrew Lauman

I find writing to be so opposite to whom I am. I did miserably at English as any of my proof readers or profs could tell you. My thoughts of sitting in one place for periods of time do not give me chills of excitement. However, I have found great satisfaction in allowing my thoughts to be found in the release of writing. I have been able to share some of my deeper emotions through my poems and this has been a wonderful creative process for me! Thanks to TIG for the opportunity.

good job
John | Mar 28th, 2003
nice work i like it indeed

Angel | Apr 4th, 2003
i agree with you 100%

Sarah | Apr 9th, 2003
That was beautiful brought a tear to my eye!!!!

One side view
Omaima Gasim | Jul 15th, 2005
This is so sad, not only to know, but indeed it's so sad to happen, as well as many of the violent behavior against the opposit opinio, view or thoughts and believes even.. in any/every point in this earth you find some violation that hurt the human freedom and dignity while practising the normal, natural human life..the different point of view violence is really so common, but it appears only when it gethers in Lobby or group of supporter which is not much dangerous and harmful than when it supported by legal authorized power such as the power of the Sate Government and laws, regulation force excusion .. let us all say NO for violence and YES for HUMAN RIGHTS to be as a common law in all of the world lands and for everybody abslutely.. God Bless Chrisitan God Bless the world God Bless our tears thinking of other people pains

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