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an open letter. Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mike, Australia Oct 4, 2001
Human Rights   Opinions


Dear All.

After the dust has settled, and the flags raised. What do we become?

Do we become determined to bring those responsible for the atrocities in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington to a vengeful, painful and deserved death? Do we become bringers of gods fury among those we deem to deserve the rath of the largest military force the world has ever known? The combined armies of the worlds super-powers?

I choose not to do become this.

I choose to become one who finds reason among a sea of uncertainty, assumptions and prejudice. Because there were fewer lives taken in battles out of the view of the worlds media . . .does the hatred that sparked those events judged as being less than the hatred which caused the towers to fall, the fields to burn and the brick to crumble?

Hatred is the same. No matter how fierce its fist.

What we need to do, what you and i alike, no matter what religion, ethnicity, background or up-bringing is to live out the meaning of the creed - "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal"

While that may be an American creed. It is a creed of great significance. No matter what faults America may has. It is a great country. Sure, one can quite easily say America brought itself upon this. But one cannot, without possessing the same hatred, say it deserved it.

I cannot put into words the emotions sparked from reading about the life and times of those firefighters, and those policemen and women who died doing their jobs. I will not be capable of putting into words what i will be feeling when those first bombs drop on Afghanistan, when those first bullets are fired, and when those guns distrub the peace.

Can anyone here not tell me, war is not fought between two sides? Can anyone not tell me, war is not fought over property?

What kind of war is this. There is more than one side, and it is not about property.

It is a war worth not your fighting. Because war is not worth your sweat, your blood, your heartache. War shows us what great evil man-kind can create. There is no war worth your fighting.

War creates more dust, more crumbled bricks,and more towers to fall.

Life is not worth living when life itself is given no chance.




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cool it, Morpheus
Derek Martin | Dec 18th, 2001
Hey Not_Neo... please don't criticize PredAttack for spending time phrasing his opinions on things... TIG is about sharing and self-expression, and criticism like this is not tremendously helpful in community building. THanks, Derek

The war of life
Ryan j. Wolfington | Jan 13th, 2002
Mike, War is what life is about. Not the destructive and hate filled war, but the "War" between good and evil. There is a knowingt within each person and another force which tries to get you to doubt this knowing. The choice in life is to do what you know is right, or to do what you know is wrong. It is a choice, between two sides. Doing what is right you feel right and are whole. Doing wrong you are in conflict, upset and frustrated. To avoid seeing this conflict comes from how one lives their own life, they believe the same lie which offers them the conflict, through wrong doing, when it now tells them the source of their trouble is someone, something else. This is called "Blame." It is not "America" or one's "Lover", "Neighbor" or "Opponent" in war which causes ones conflict. But their own choice to do what is wrong. Life is a war, a good war, between good and evil. You have your choice. There is a natural retribution that can be lived through men./ Actions taken because it is right, not out of hatred or revenge. But actions because that which gives life shows you it is the right thing to do something. I personally do not have an opinion whether George Bush or anyone else should take the action they are taking. But I do know what is right for me to do on a day to day basis, and I am doing my part in the war for good, by doing what I know is right. Are you? Ryan NevadaJedi@aol.com

Mike has a peaceful vision that needs wider support
M.Mukhtar Alam PhD | Apr 17th, 2002
Peace is about sharing with patience.Cognitive changes do take a time for some.Warmongering is never.We need to consistently exhort each other agianst war. Mike wrote a very nice piece.I see a reflection in my deep quaker past. I wish strength and power for more peaceful communications ,prayers and meditations Muhammad Muhktar Alam New Delhi

Brilliance and passion.....
Lauren B | Jan 24th, 2003
The emotion I see here, poured out for all to see, is tremendous. It inspires me to see people like Mike displaying their feelings and opinions, and letting their powerful voices be heard. I completely identify with everything I have read here -- the pain and anguish, the hope and desire for life without hatred. I too, want a world with peace, and I also feel that war is not going to be the way to solve the problem. Mike, you are absolutely correct, we need more people like you who are willing to search for a solution, one that will bring true peace and freedom. I am proud to know that there are people like Mike who see the world with an open mind and an open heart. Thank you for being who you are. Lauren

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