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Lets Go further not ABC alone but also DE Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Qax- Attra Rwax, Uganda Oct 25, 2006
Culture , Health   Opinions


A......abstinence is by far the best way to avoid HIV infection. Especially for the youths.... what do we have to loose if we didn't have sex? Why are we scared of saying the truth? Is the reason that .......if people embrace abstinence, some of you wont have butter on your bread or fuel in your big cars, or stop flying first class? Is it a question of...no aids no butter, fuel, have you heard of people benefiting from the war in Northern Uganda etc?

B......Being faithful especially for the married, cohabiting, name it ....Has failed.... haven't you seen many couples get married when they are negative only to acquire positive status during their married life? What is wrong?

C......U continue advocating for condom use knowing very well that they don't protect people from getting infected with the AIDS virus save for pregnancy and other curable STDs. Tell me... when does one know that he/she used the condom correctly? Isn't after the act of sex? SHAME.

D......I hear there is now delay sex, however much you delay sex, the moment you start, chances of getting infected become higher than ever before.

E......There is also early testing...fine if people test negative, what is the reason for them to expose themselves to sex. If you are positive, medically you are advised to either stop or use condoms (even when they are not 100% effective ...shame.)Why do people test negative and then after some years we hear they are positive?



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Qax- Attra Rwax

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