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Actions for Maternal Health in Argentina Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Damian Profeta, Argentina Oct 16, 2006
Health , Human Rights   Opinions


If one is looking to find initiatives in Argentina related to the promotion and the fulfillment of Goal 5 of the Millennium Development Goals: improve maternal health, involving youth as protagonists of the social improvement, the Foundation for Women’s Research Studies (FEIM) is one of the principal references on this subject.

FEIM, a non-governmental organization that holds consultative status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations, began in 1989. Since its beginning, it has been developing projects about the rights of women, adolescent pregnancy, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and other topics; primarily incorporating adolescents and young people as educators.
Since 1999, FEIM has been coordinating the National Network of Adolescents in Sexual and Reproductive Health (RedNac) in Argentina and at the regional level. It is also the facilitating office of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Young People for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (RedLac).

In FEIM’s most recent project called “Communicational Strategies to Promote Healthy Sexuality of Adolescents”, 150 youth participated in workshops to design communication strategies to educate other youth in their communities on the prevention of HIV, sexual and reproductive rights and women’s rights. The young people suggested ideas like radio programs, messages to give in dancing locales, and an electronic bulletin to respond to doubts and frequent questions about these issues.
According to research done by FEIM, the principal cause of maternal mortality is from complications during abortions, illegal in Argentina. According to the research, these situations could have been prevented if they did not occur secretly and in insecure conditions.

FEIM believes that it is important that women, especially young women, know their rights. They can learn about these in public hospitals and health centres and can get access to free contraceptives, injections IUDs and condoms. The youth of FEIM are part of spreading this awareness.



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Writer Profile
Damian Profeta

Damián Profeta. Argentino. Contradictorio. Pesimista sin darse por vencido. Desordenado. Ingenuo. Tímido, reflexivo y silencioso. Torpe. Entre su gusto por la política y su necesidad de poesía. Un buscador.
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