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Reporting Garbage Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Michael Newton-McLaughlin, United States Dec 15, 2002
Citizen Journalism   Opinions


The statistics and evidence can shed no doubt that the media, of which eight conglomerate firms now control 85%, is collectively killing off the poverty problem in America- and not through getting rid of it, but by not showing what it really is. Through it’s inaction to report these crimes of humanity, failure to analyze and place proper data and impervious attempts to ignore the people truly affected but instead glamorize those with pocket books, America’s media has failed-miserably. The outcome of this exploitation is a catch of itself- further exploitation by big business and big brother. Unfortunately any who speak out about this in the mainstream are derided as fools who overstep their bounds as overt objective reports. No, instead the press insights fear of the eyesores that plague the street, or a bit of hope in the charities they splash on their respective mediums. However perhaps the media and it’s leaders do not intentionally exploit its followers and the victims of poverty, yet it still painfully exists. It will continue until we do something about it.

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Michael Newton-McLaughlin

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Perceptions of waste
Scott Zoltok | Jul 31st, 2013
Here's an interesting story on changing perceptions of waste in society: http://tigurl.org/jfbnn7-of-sustainability-sweden-runs-out-of-garbage

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