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Preventing HIV among vulnerable youth through discussion Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mohammad Ziaul Ahsan, Bangladesh Dec 12, 2002
Health , Education   Opinions


The organization for social development of unemployed Youth (OSDUY) has been engrossing upon program on prevention and control of HIV/AIDS/STD since January 1997 and developed a message book containing accurate, appropriate information for effective counseling on prevention in the title of the book "AIDS-Premature Death"-an art of living + appreciated by many government, organizations at home and abroad and utilized at here and there in the effective counseling and now the government of Bangladesh have been pleased to accord approval the printing and distribution of 5000000 fifty Lac message book to cover all of everywhere in Bangladesh and the OSDUY has been working upon these program with right earnest.

The content of the Book is a consolidation of the necessary and accurate and appropriate messages for prevention and control of HIV/STD for all of us everywhere. It is due to the ignorance about the sexual behavior that many become easy prey to infection even on the very onset of their sex leading to a disasters and measurable situation life long even being infected with HIV.

Knowingly any man is infected with this deadly disease is a rare event. Because, no man can have sense to invite their mishap in life if he is pre informed. Information and knowledge is ever power and this is only the shelter, which can save all of everywhere.

It has been experienced that many undergoing multiple sex deals with caution and self-security, are still saved while many get infected on the very first occasion of sex life. It is due to carelessness and ignorance of the safe practices in the deal and can be termed as individual behavioral tragedy of ignorance.

So, we need some information about what type of discussion we play on web.

Waiting to hear from all.




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Mohammad Ziaul Ahsan

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Prevention is better than cure.
Samira Chowdhury | Mar 19th, 2004
You are doing nice work for the youth as well as all sectors population. I always salute you. at best

Doris Carter | Sep 15th, 2018
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