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Reality bites Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Farrukh, Pakistan Oct 13, 2006
Culture , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Looking at a beggar,
Sitting on the road,
Instead of giving him a token,
So he could buy a meal,
We just walk away,
And join the crowd,
Looking at an impoverished infant cry for food,
Instead of giving a little from our meal,
We just eat and enjoy it without thinking,
Of the infant’s destiny,
Which is so cruel.
Watching the pictures of war on television,
We just pass our useless comments,
Not asking ourselves,
Hearing the cries of millions of unfortunates,
We just sit there giving our sympathies,
Not thinking of doing something to ease the pain.
Watching people cry for homes and shelter,
We just smile at each other,
Not thinking, do they really deserve it,
Or is it their destiny?
Everyday we are busy craving,
And working hard for money,
But do we think of the people,
Who are so less fortunate,
That they do not have their daily bread?
We are lucky to get all the love and care,
But do we think of those children with whom,
Their destiny is playing a game so unfair?
All out nights are so peaceful and calm,
But there are million for whom,
The shade of peace is still unknown.
For us life is a journey,
Where we seem to overcome,
The ups and downs,
But for whom life is not a journey,
But an endless struggle,
With dark clouds of sorrow looming large,
How must they be feeling?
What must be they going through?
These are a few of the thousands of questions,
We never think about.
Our present must be like a castle,
For the unfortunate,
For they have nowhere to live,
No place to hide.
Just for a moment,
Put yourself in their shoes,
And then you will realize,
How ruthlessly the reality bites.



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