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mind Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by steve, Tanzania Oct 13, 2006
Health   Opinions



The world is a combination of nature and mind. All the possessions and conditions are creations of these. But as of now, the mind shapes nature into different pictures; thus the mind shapes the world. As of today mind drills, mind kills and mind steals, mind is today’s violence. But again mind heals, mind chills and mind means a better future and important ideas. Mind is today’s vigilance. So is it violence or vigilance? Is it the reason to the widespread negligence? Where from are ruthlessness and righteousness? Or the extreme poverty that is now a pestilence! It’s the conscience. It’s an individuals temperament, ones prime source of judgement. It’s a guide to the arguments, a clue to individual sentiments. It’s the psyche. Literally it’s the source. Never is there war in kind before war has occurred in mind, because it’s either an address to chill or an address to kill. Spread HIV or contend to the prevention decree. Aren’t the poor, poor first in mind and later in kind? Or may be they are poor by nature! Look at the levels of crime and death in the struggle for stature. War, diseases and poverty already have their structure; it’s a venture of conflicts amongst horrendous clusters. Look at the extent of confusion! The ongoing delusions in great illusions! Yet look at the narrowness of conclusions. It’s by the mind that all these are nurtured so arises need to restructure.

What if forgiveness and good neighbourhood were big agendas in our minds, would there be war? What if we thought of preventing our selves and protecting others from HIV/AIDS, would this disease be a pandemic as it is now! What if we envisaged the world full of brothers and sisters, would there be the extreme poverty or the widespread women discrimination? I don’t think global worming or desertification would put our world to a panic if the love for nature were cultivated into our minds. Terrorism and crime! Would they exist if it weren’t for the enmity and vanity in our minds?

So now we understand. It’s not the HIV/AIDS that kills, nor is it the wars that are devastating. It’s neither the extreme poverty nor environmental pollution that destroy our being. Neither is it the mortality levels for mothers and infants nor women empowerment that really is a problem but it’s our own minds. It’s what we think that’s devastating, what we envisage, what we imagine or what we assume and perceive. It’s our own minds, our own ways of looking at things. We create our own destinies; our minds play big roles as answers to our infirmities and iniquities. OUR MINDS! Our minds are more like grenades. It won’t explode however through it till the string is pulled. If you hold the string then you hold the decision. In the position Precision gives you permission. In the condition you hold the intuition of abomination, condemnation or prevention. It’s at this moment in time that opinions, views, perceptions and ideas about what we decide afterwards has to change. We could decide to go for peace talks rather than go to war. We wouldn’t choose to devour women instead we could choose to empower. We could think of the millions dying in poverty as we waste our funds in luxury, and with AIDS- we could decide to take precaution and not keep infecting one another,
It’s there fore important that we change our minds. This includes ideas, views, and perceptions since these later change into action. But it’s more important that we weigh carefully what we feed our brains because it’s a constant ingredient to the product of our minds. If we let our minds think positively, we’ll then act positively since positive action only comes from a positive mind. Let us all change our minds for good.
© Stephen Mpuya



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Writer Profile

well I'm not that much of a professional writer, but I write for fun and understanding. I write what I feel is important to society as either to cheer up their moods or educate them. I began writing poems, songs and other articles by the age of 11. ever since I've been writing on love, and other different social issues. I like reading others works firstly to help me learn more, appreciate them and also develop my writing skills.
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