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And at the end of innocence.... Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ruth, United States Oct 6, 2006
Human Rights   Poetry


She sparkled with her greeness and beauty of Sub Sahara

Being called The eternal spring

Her hot, spicy, sweet, seductive air so pure it could be mistaken for drugs

Like an emerald in the middle of the desert, She was bleesed

One day, Lucifer invaded her heart and soul;to destroy her beauty and to take away her innocence

Indeed Lucifer had his eye on her for sometime but this time it gave over.

She was beaten, tortured, ripped, slashed, kicked so many acts of evil acted opon her skin for those 100 days

Soon her air was invaded by Lucifer's perfume; her emerald hills filled with the remants of her people; lost souls floating around the sky looking for peace; the little children's screams can be heard up to the heavens

She was abandoned and betrayed by God and of the lands and seas. Her shattered soul now lifeless with Lucifer's markings still visable

Today her scars are still their with blood seeping through from time to time. Lucifer's accountants have since been sentence and slowly very slowly, she might be rising from the dust

She will never be the same. Her innocence so cruely taken away from her and those lost souls floating between heaven and hell.

And at the end of innocence she came undone by Lucifer's ruthless spell. Sure she may not be the same as she used to but her will and beauty will shine beyond the darkest days.



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Writer Profile

Since reading the book ''Shake Hands with the Devil'' my life has changed completely. I started writing poems on the subject of the Rwanda genocide and are based on my thoughts and perspective.
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