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o my pen.... Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by hazem al jaber, Jordan Sep 30, 2006
Media , Culture , Human Rights   Poetry


Oh,my pen....

got out my notebook
and hold my pen, which all what I have
took a sip from my coffees` cup
and looked to my notebooks
confused been I am , my sweetheart
what should to write
and how to start my sadly story
and from where should i start
should I say , love you my sweet queen
or to write about my past memories

confused been my pen , before my heart
confused been, and don`t know what to do
or how to start
confused been my pen , when saw the sadness inside me
and how much I fallen with that lady , whom I adored
and because of her , was my first poetry's about her

O pen ...
please deep go inside me to see more
and to see how much I suffer because of her
and how much desires I have inside

O pen , please go there more and deeply
and write more about the love
which I keep for her
please do my pen

O pen , why you stopped
O pen
why became weak O pen
even you can`t stand to write
so , how my heart can bear on that
so my pen
I beg you just to try

by: hazem02@yahoo.com
By hazem02



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hazem al jaber

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