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Life's Dream Pursuers Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Awa Innocent Ndah, Cameroon Aug 31, 2006
Education , Peace & Conflict , Human Rights   Poetry


I have a dream I am pursuing, though it is not yet clear to me. My mission is however as vivid to me as my own image in a mirror. I savour my every down with endurance and patience because I am after a prey, my assignment, my dream. The shortness and brightness of life reminds me every passing second that it is more of a mirage, sort of an illusion, yet a brief reality of events. Life is a story narrated in different versions, dramatized by in different ways by different people and written differently. Through writing I enjoy life better and strongly believe that it is my call. Through writing, I tell my own part of the story.
In the snap of the finger, life can come to an end before it even start, in the twinkle of an eye its fire can go out before it is lighted. The most embarrassing and regrettable thing about our existence here is not being able to know that we are part of an evolving circle, that we are part a stupendous creation. Life changes every single second and its changes are beyond our widest imaginations. Its changes make us shout, run and leap wildly with joy, it gives us frenzy, makes us quiver with fright in the face of the unexpected and the unmentionable, it makes us strong, sometimes weak. The changes of life are simply so many.
Life is all about the first cry of a new born into the lives of a joyous couple, it is the breath taking beauty of spring, it is the untimely loneliness an innocent child faces when its parent(s) suddenly succumb to AIDS, it is the inspirational peace of the setting sun, it is the melancholy and pain inflicted on a long time barren mother when pitiless and empty death snatches her only child. It is the soul soothing songs of the jazz master, Yanni or the legendary rastapherian and prophet Bob Marley or better still the placating souls of late Luther Vandross. It is the tears of a father who manly mourns for the lost of his beloved son in WAR or his darling daughter in an abortion attempt, it is the frutti tutti and yummy taste of supper in the warmth mist of love ones, it is the homeless victims and caricatures of hunger. Life is also about the phoney phrases of megalomanias, the egoism of the politician, and hope to which we are prisoners.
Life is all about humility, simplicity, endurance and believability. Life is a smile and prayer for forgiveness and change when we are abused, life is also about transforming the stone that hit us into a rose and then offering it back to the thrower, life is about being able to proudly accept our shortcomings no matter how and where and be ready to CHANGE, it is all about giving each an every one of us a chance to prove his or her worth, what we are capable of, how far we can climb, so that together, we can fill up our very loop holes, get rid of the deters, unchain out shackles, wash away the old paint and repaint, change our ways, our philosophies, our conceptions, our views, for others and for ourselves.

Life is full of dreams yet to be fulfilled. These dreams belong to each and every one of us. We cannot conceptualize our individual dreams if we are unable to accept that we have dreams to fulfill. By faithfully accepting the roles we all have to play in the lives of others while here for the time being, we will be gradually and satisfactorily fulfilling our dreams. Every second counts, every gesture matters and every action contributes in one way or the other. Nobility is not determine by birth right but by what we do.

Life is the cheerfulness of equanimity, the satisfaction of complaisance, the reward of trust, it is the strength of faith, the effects of humility and simplicity, the honour of commitment, it is the defeat of ignorance, the worth of emulation, the refinement of amour propre, the triumph of selflessness.



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Awa Innocent Ndah

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