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Unemployment Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by ashanti, Canada Nov 7, 2002
Human Rights , Globalization   Opinions


Are you unemployed and are wondering how being unemployed could effect your life? Well, here’s your chance to know everything that you need to know!!!
Did you ever wonder about what could happen to your future if you don’t go to college or university? Well, we have all the answers to your wonders!! Not going to college or university can affect your future because if you choose not to go to either of them you wouldn’t have the right education to get a good job or have a good salary. When you don’t have good job or salary you probably won’t have enough money to pay for all the things that you would need in life. So my advice to you is get the right education and go to college or university for your own good. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

For those of you that have children, you may know that being unemployed could affect your children as well as insurance, your needs and expenses, etc. Here is brief paragraph of information on how being unemployed could effect your children!
Being unemployed could affect your children because it gets to the point where there is not enough money for your children needs (food, clothing and shelter)

Did you know that being unemployed could effect your insurance? Well if you didn’t, I’m telling you that it could and will. Being unemployed has a big affect on your insurance. This is because when you are unemployed you can’t really afford goods and needs that you could afford if you were employed. As a result, you cannot insure your car, house or any personal belongings that you need to insure. Once you are unemployed, you may think that you are “done for”, but you are wrong. There is a way and it’s called “The unemployment check”. The unemployment check helps you because once you are singed up you will receive a check every month until you are employed again. The check should cover all your needs such as: food, clothes, expenses etc. That’s how being unemployed could effect your insurance.

So remember parents, keep yourself, your belongings and your children safe, and get the unemployment check today.



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Meesha | Dec 19th, 2002

Its good but same time ok
John | Mar 25th, 2003
Its good same time ok

Wendy Chen | Jan 15th, 2004
no offence or anything, but your main point of this article is to say :with no job, there's no money to fulfil those people's needs. Aren't there more things you can say about youth unemployment?

dr. detroit | Mar 30th, 2004
Just a comment: EI is hardly a sufficient supplement for people who are unemployed. Being a person who has been on EI -- getting a check weekly -- I can tell you that it isn't usually much more than about half of what your paycheck would have been. There are also other huge problems with EI in Canada, for instance: 1.) If you got fired from your job for some reason, you become ineligible for EI. This means you must walk to the Social Services office instead (which is another whole basket of problems, that can be talked about another time). 2.) The same applies to those who quit their jobs. This means that even if you had to leave your workplace due to harrassment, discrimination, or some other reason other than you just felt like quitting, you become ineligible. Again, this will send you walking to Social Services. 3.) If you are recieving EI, a certain amount you will not actually recieve until you get your tax return. If your are recieving Social Services at the same time as EI, this amount will be cut from your monthly check. 4.) You must work a certain amount of hours to be eligible for EI, our you are ineligible, again you will go to the SS. 5.) EI is only good for 1 year, at which time you are expected to have found a new job. For many people who live in rural parts of Canada/Quebec/First Nations, there just isn't any employment. In order to fix this problem, the root of the problem has to be cut. This is not simply (putting a band-aid on) unemployment, but the whole damn rotten system that allows unemployment in the first place: Capitalism.

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