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by foy franklin, Cameroon Aug 21, 2006
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry



Who will cry for the African child,
Who while in the womb felt the high sun intensity?
Who while in womb was carried to the forest to fetch food?
Who felt the weight of the heavy wood his/her mother carried home?

Who will cry for the African child?
Who cried so much haven being born in Africa,
Who happens to be born hundreds of miles from the hospital?
Who did not even have all the necessary vaccines?

Who will cry for the African child?
Who at five had his/her last hug from his/her own parent?
Who did not even have a single toy to play with?
Who cannot be proud of no injury/illness at five?

Who will cry for the African child?
Who cannot have the basic needs of cloth, education and good shelter?
Who is left with only corporal punishment to be corrected?
Who cannot discuss or share his/her views with his/her parents?

Who will cry for the African child?
Who no more inherits his/her “parents” but
Whose future his/her parents are borrowing?
Who study so hard just to have enough knowledge to be unemployed?

Who will cry for the African child?
Who is a victim of discrimination and corruption?
Who has no human right?
Who has no place in decision-making even on his own fate?

Who will cry for the African child?
Whose only job opportunity is to be a child soldier?
Who is exposed to wars, strikes and revolts?
Who are spicements for political experiments?

Who will cry for the African child?
Who is never free from the malaria parasite?
Who is HIV’s most fertile ground?
Who can never be termed as healthy?

Who will cry for the African child?
Who is being taken for granted?
Who do not have control even over his/her own life?
Who even at 30 has very little hopes of surviving out of his/her parent’s household?

Who will cry for the African child?
Who makes the world laugh but the world makes him/her cry.
Who has gone short of tears to cry for his/her own self?

Who will cry for the African child?



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foy franklin

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Amber James | Sep 5th, 2006
awww...i love this poem,i will cry for the african child.good job this is a great poem

African Child
Branson Shao | Sep 7th, 2006
You have all what an African child had experienced. It’s touching. Helping crying will just increase the chaos of crying. Isn’t it our duty to at least wipe his/ her tears, being a little caring and comforting. His eye lids are puffed-up with cry and worry. What should be done? If its crying I will join you too!

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