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euthanasia Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by lil_sukka_12, Canada Nov 6, 2002
Human Rights   Opinions


Our topic is Euthanasia.
We have researched that Euthanasia has caused a lot of conflict around the world. The first place to legalize Euthanasia was Holland. That is a bad thing because it is voluntary which means that you have the choice to pick if you want to kill another person. Another bad part about this is that people are allowed to commit murder on other people who have disabilities. An easy death is when someone wants to end a life faster. When people want to commit an easy death: one out of ten people who have disabilities will have side effects such as vomiting and fits and also take a longer time to reach their point to die. People who want to legalize Euthanasia have fear of controlling uncomfortable pain, they fear death. I think that no one's time of death should be decided by someone else. So try helping out in your community. I am writing this article to tell you to try anything at all to stop Euthanasia. I have made up one idea but there are a lot more ways to stop it so do your best to help out.



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one sided
sarah | Jul 22nd, 2003
i think you misunderstand the point of those who want to take an "easy death". It's about pain and suffering when you KNOW you are going to die from it, not when there might be a possibility. I highly doubt those people fear death, they welcome it as an end to their pain. Idealistically, euthanasia is not about one person determining when another should die, it's about reaching a decision with that person to put them out of their suffering. If you're so worried "that no one's time of death should be decided by someone else" then maybe you should put your efforts towards abolishing the death penalty in certain countries.

Support Euthanasia....
Todd | Sep 29th, 2003
In holland, it is those who are terminally-illed who have the rights to end their own life,it could be because the medical bills is high and it dosen't mean that going for regular medical will help one recover, and even if you recover from terminal disease, your whole life would be affected, therefore affecting your whole life, emotionally, physically and psychologically. I mean look we choose our own ways of how we want to lead our lives, why dosen't we have our own rights to choose to die when it's really necessary. I mean people in society should be more open to ideas and stop being ignorant or arrogant. MORE IMPORTANTLY EUTHANASIA IS NOT TOTALLY ABOUT OTHERS CHOOSING WHETHER IT"S TIME FOR YOU TO DIE.... lil_sukka_12, stop looking at things from just an angle, stop being so stiff. it's really unhealthy...

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