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A World of Wealth Consciousness? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Victor (Mexico), Mexico Jul 29, 2006
Education , Globalization   Opinions


To create a breakthrough in the world’s standards of living, we must implement new strategies to kick start transformation from the individual’s root of results: the inner world.

A proactive, inside-out approach to generating social wealth should focus on the spiritual-emotional-intellectual realm. Creating a new sense of possibility is the start for change, regardless of the current state of affairs at the personal, family, or social level.

A positive shift in our individual visions of the world, the adoption of uplifting attitudes, the use of positive emotions, and spiritual connectedness are all access keys to creating a new reality with tangible social and economic benefits.

As explained by prosperity teachers Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Robert G. Allen, T. Harv Eker, Bob Doyle, Joe Vitale, David Cameron, Wallace D. Wattles, Jerry and Esther Hicks, among many others, and by recent films such as What The Bleep Do We Know and The Secret, science has confirmed what we already “suspected”: our secret inner world is the origin of our outer experience.

Thoughts and emotions are more powerful than we thought. They are the blueprint for physical creation, as explained by quantum physics. We truly are living-walking-talking magnets that attract that which we think of most, as the Law of Attraction indicates.

With a confirmation from science in only the last half of the 20th century, we are now at the best time in history to re-educate ourselves, in fact, to unlearn layers and layers of misconceptions that have bogged down progress.

So now we know, and with this knowledge comes responsibility. And if we are to achieve a significant improvement in social and economic indicators, anyone in a position of influence has a stake at swaying collective thought from a focus on the negative (poverty, war, violence) to the positive (wealth, peace, harmony), to help others be co-creators of a brand new reality instead of just fixing what’s broken. As we know, what we focus on expands, at any and all levels of reality. The point is: we can use this knowledge to leverage a breakthrough in human development, regardless of sector, background, the past, etc.

We have the opportunity to take part in history’s greatest humanitarian effort, to remind the citizens of the world who we really are: beings of joy, freedom and abundance, not the opposite.

The call is for a return to plenitude aimed at the individual’s heart, entering a new era of practical spirituality, a collective return to our natural states of abundance, prosperity, and wealth manifested.

If we are all to offer a new sense of possibility for the world, youth activists, wealth experts, financial intelligence gurus, teachers of the soul, NGOs, the private sector and government can all help impress in humankind a new collective vision, based on concrete knowledge of the workings of our universe.

With innovative educational tools, new approaches using informational technologies, fresh programs at the grassroots, we can all pitch in to remind us all that anything is truly possible.

And this could certainly create a breakthrough significant enough to be measured by the global economic indicators.

Is it possible? Well, it’s up to all of us, isn’t it? Vision and faith are the primary ingredients for cooking up any sort of achievement.

But really, the question is: are you in?

The call is for a return to wealth consciousness for the world that captures the spirit, love, joy, knowledge, freedom and generosity to create healthier economies.



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Writer Profile
Victor (Mexico)

Victor del Rosal is the Chairman of the W8 Forum. He is an entrepreneur, personal development trainer, and author of Codigo de Riqueza, a practical guide to generating wealth from within. His personal mission: to help individuals be, do, and have the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and material wealth they desire. He has been a speaker at non-profit organizations, schools, government, corporations, and multi-laterals in a dozen countries in the Americas and Europe. He is Founder of Youth Business Mexico, an NGO helping disadvantaged youth start their own businesses. His studies include Economics at Harvard University and Industrial Engineering at the Monterrey Tech in Mexico.
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