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Hopeful Plea Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Instant Vintage, Canada Jul 28, 2006
Child & Youth Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


We stand to watch, yet once again
As tragedies go by
Same violence and terrorists
Which raise their heads up high
Same suffering and criminals
Same justice and same law
Now terrorism has no boundaries
As we all shockingly saw
So who’re the sinners in these crimes?
The rebels and their troops?
Or could it be, the world as one?
So downwardly we stoop
How can we view these acts of sin?
And stay so deafly silent
Lets stop to think and realize
This isn’t what is meant
What happened to respect and value?
We need a resolution
Let’s grasp the thought. We’re lacking love
We need the right solution
Stop letting children suffer
Stop letting people grieve
These things must now get recognized
And hopefully achieved
While looking at the world around
Not one seems to be pleased
If we come forth, and join with love
The violence will be seized…



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Instant Vintage

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