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Lebanon Crisis vs. The World: Don't Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk. Help. Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Parker, Canada Jul 25, 2006
Peace & Conflict , Human Rights   Opinions


Today I ate a delicious dinner with my family. I went to work and laughed with co-workers about nonsense. I messaged a friend to tell her I loved her. Today I read a book written by a literary genius and watched a movie produced by a film mogul. Today I listened to tunes written by a musical legend and enjoyed all the fine little things in life. I joked around with my brother and talked to a friend about trivial matters. Today I walked the dog and saw children playing in the park. I watched a little boy score a winning goal for soccer. Today I studied for an exam to broaden my horizons and attain higher education in a nation where I am privileged enough to do so. Today I heard a baby cry and I saw a mother compassionately soothe her child. I did the routine job of washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning my room. Today I emailed someone halfway across the world. Today I looked through photographs of moments in time, captured forever. I remembered the feelings I’d felt, the words that I’d said and what happened after that snapshot. Today I sat in bed with my computer on my lap and felt my heart sink lower than humanity. Because today, as someone halfway across the world did one of these things, their unjustified fate was approaching them faster than the speed of sound. And as that shell hit concrete, today was all they had.



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Amina Idra | Aug 4th, 2006
goooooooood, very gooood, at least there are some peole who still think of others and what they do. goood writing, carry on.

bothwell nyoni | Aug 8th, 2006
this is touching, i run out of words

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