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Circular Zerolular Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Sudip Aryal, Nepal Jul 21, 2006
Child & Youth Rights , Environment , Health   Poetry


Smoke of death dancing upon us
Fooling thie we pretend to enjoy
wondering the heaven out of hell
stuffed with the zerolular
are we searching for a corner in a round room

Hey ungodly god! where leads this circular zeroruler?
Dont's and dos!
What will fill us?
When it will completely fill the empty spaces within ourselves
They badly neeed to be filled!
Desire is just to be full.

We're are wondering in the circular zerolular,
But still Desire to be full is unfullfilled!
till then when no more sunrises!
Death of cowardice!
Can you fill us to be full?
Can you fill the ninkompoop lingering
in the circular zerolular

Just we are filling the empty spaces everyday!
Fooling the very unknown we.
true lies cannot be hidden.
Everyone of us is born to be filled.

My Death of cowardice!
will you fill the blanks we have.
will Take me to the place you live?
Because you do whatever,
you do it forever!
Goodbye my life time friend circular zerolular
I will miss you.

Yearning a life occupied of Legends,
Samasitohna Maanchhe...



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Writer Profile
Sudip Aryal

Hello everybody!

I am Sudip Aryal from Nepal. I enjoy literary works and I write for the betterment of society.
I want to be known as Samasitoshna Maanchhe in the world of literature.

alin love rai | Dec 7th, 2006
i dont mean any offence but could u pls tell what this poem is all about.....

alin love rai | Dec 7th, 2006
i get faint notion here and there but i am not very sure....

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