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Women Are Not Aware Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by chuka, Nigeria Jul 15, 2006
Health   Opinions


Over 100,000 new cases in Africa- 999,000 deaths, yet still people are not aware. What is this people that people were not aware of? Breast cancer, the second highest killer disease in women after lung cancer.
I carried out an extensive survey on breast cancer awareness and the use of mammography among the female population in Enugu Metropolis, Enugu State, Southeastern Nigeria. To my suripse only 24% of the respondents knew about breast cancer, while 12% have practiced or gone for one form of breast screening. Over 60% lack the knowledge of breast cancer. It is alarming and shocking. Breast cancer incidence is high across Africa- in Nigeria its same. Most women who have breast cancer are too late for treatment in the medical centers when little can be done to cure the disease. Most women go to traditional native herbalists who use floral/fauna species on them. There seems to be no improvement and their diseases detoriate the more. Women believe the cause of thier illness to be one form of witchcraft or spiritual attack. Most women dont know about changes in their bodies because it is a taboo to touch breasts or thier private parts, this is due to religious islamic zeal.
Why are the women not aware? Most women are not aware beause their are not enough campaigns on breast cancer awareness. The government does not have a policy on health to encourage that. The international donor agencies that fund health care activites dont see breast cancer as a health problem, these agencies including USAID, WorldBank, The European union Directorate of Developement, etc channel their resources towards diseases like polio, malaria, HIVAIDS, child and maternal health, sexuality, familiy planing etc.
The issue of HIVAIDS seems to be the black shadow that clouded other health problems like breast cancer.The women are dying, the incidence is increasing something have to be done.
We youth should join hands and spread knowledge of breast cancer.
Ejidike Chuka



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Writer Profile

Chuka Ejidike is a medical Imaging scientist. A member of rotary club of rotary international while as a student in the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus.. He is also a crusader of youth empowerment and social justice. He is still single and working with the University of Benin Teaching Hospital Benin city Nigeria. He has written other works which includes Women are not Aware. a work born out of his research on breast cancer awareness.
This current work is about the increasing crisis in my home country Nigeria. There have been increase in crisis events in the countery since the inception of the political order of the day,Democracy.
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