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How I Sold Myself in the Emirates Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Val, Moldova Jun 12, 2006
Poverty , Human Rights   Short Stories
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This last year of my life had been the worst I remember. And I don’t think I’m just another depressed teenager. I had been a teenager for a short time and I wouldn’t pass through that period once again. I was a lonely and unhappy philosopher. Already then I agreed with the idéea that I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of my beauty like others would. I knew I would always work hard for everything I wanted and that I would never get anything for free. But when I was 15 my mum went to Italy like all the people in Moldova when the day comes that they don’t have anything to put on the table for their children. After a time of suffering for her (she didn’t have a roof over her head) the things got better, I felt the relief and began enjoying the freedom. I live with my father but he always trusted me because I never caused trouble. On contrary, my parents were proud of me as I have always been the best student and a well-behaving girl. They surely wouldn’t say that now.

In the 10th grade I met this girl, Ana. She was a new classmate and we became friends fast. Both interested in studies, energetic and both poor and day-dreamers, in a short time we were like sisters. So one day this “sister” of mine tells me she had the opportunity to go to the Arabic Emirates and make a lot of money. They were promising her a good payment in $ for her virginity. And you know what I said? I said “Yes, go Ana, it’s better to do that there for so much money then here with some stupid boy”. And that was the opinion of everyone who knew about it (meaning a small group of friends). So she had the authorization of the public opinion, she had a simple-hearted mother and she even had the guts to go to an unknown country whose name says “human traffic”. So she went there.

I was praying for her every night and when I received her first message I couldn’t believe it was really from her. It sounded like this: “I’m in Dubai now. This is a fairytale, I have all the servants at my feet…it’s super!!!! Swimming pool, fitness machines, Jacuzzi, everything… ”. Ok, she came home with 7000$. I don’t know about your countries but here for a 17 years old girl to have this money all for herself is something. But she developed a taste of getting easy money. My summer was divided into Ana-is-in-Dubai/Morocco/whatever and We’re-spending-Ana’s-money periods. I was so happy for her. By that time I became so naïve and I even started to think it was easy to get everything I wanted. Right from the first time when she came home she promised me I would go there too. She really wanted that with all her heart. She thought she would help me. And I was thinking the same way. I mean I had so many plans, so many dreams and no money. I talked to my parents about this and, of course, they didn’t agree. The more I tried to convince them, the more I wanted that. At one moment it seemed to me like the only way to survive. I gave my photo and they accepted me. I could go to Morocco only if my parents would let me. And they wouldn’t. I even started to hate them. We had fights in the family; I cried a lot thinking that my parents were taking away from me my future. It didn’t matter what I had to do there in Dubai, it mattered that I needed money for my dream: to study in a foreign country, and that my parents interfered.

It’s obvious that I didn’t tell them what exactly I’m going there for, but they understood it anyway, I mean who wouldn’t? Maybe only Ana’s mother. And Ana kept going there, she even took with her one of my best friends. I mean she can’t take with her anyone she wants. This is how the system works: the exorbitantly rich people from UAE want beautiful girls around them. They have a manager there and that manager has her managers in countries like Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus etc. In Moldova the manager for this certain person was a 19 years old girl, helped by her father. And it is considered luck to go through her because the “place” is one of the best. There are many “places” in EAU, even a “places” market was formed and each of them has a certain demand, depending on the money paid, the accommodation and the manager also, because money pass through the manager’s hands and it depends on her what you will bring home. They usually take half of the sum (officially) and they also receive money for finding the girls. So you have to pay 50% to the manager from UAE and 100$ or 200$ to the local one. They pay you the flight Chisinau-Istanbul-Dubai but lately they seem to have some problems and sometimes they send girls through Kiev. They also give you money for shopping. It’s a must. You don’t have to spend them but you just can’t, because the sheik wants to see glamorous girls and you need to buy new stuff. So you get there, stay for a week or two, you are given the money (or what’s left of them) you go home and everybody is happy.
My friends had changed a lot since they had been going to UAE. They had all those expensive clothes, cool phones, they attended those luxurious cafes and clubs. They weren’t my old friends with whom I shared my sorrow and poverty. They became popular and I felt like a loser, I felt like hell and the only way out was to go there too. After long struggles and many fights with my family and all my relatives and after my mum got ill of the nerves I kind of gave up. Until the announcement about one year studies in the USA. One year of high school in the States together with the girls was so close to my dreams! I would have given all the money if I had them. Ana had them and was ready to give them. So it started again: I needed money desperately and you know where I could get them. One night Ana called me and said: “you can go on Monday there but you have to decide right now”. It was Friday night.

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Joël Kalpram | Jul 11th, 2006
thanks for yah experience. "You do have strong courage indeed"

how i sold my self
jozef | Jul 11th, 2006
i do hope that Gods mercy will see you through in jesus name,pls you can reach me jozefmclaniyi@yahoo.com so we can pray together.

Be Strong
Shennel | Jul 13th, 2006
Valentina I am so sorry that you had to grow through that. I hope that you are able to heal. I think that it is very brave of you to share this with us. May be your story has helped someone else in this situation. Good luck

From Moldova
Eugeniu Graur | Aug 23rd, 2006
Draga Valentina, cred ca esti o persoana dotata cu un curaj deosebit, odata ce ai impartasit aceasta istorie trista cu noi. Nu dispera, ai toata viata inainte, sper ca aceasta experienta sa te fi invatat multe si nu lua in cap tot ceea ce se spune. Esti o fata curajoasa si sunt sigur ca vei avea un viitor luminos. Mult curaj mai departe. P.S. citind istorioara ta m-am simtit in pielea ta, pentru ca alaturi de tine, aceleasi trairi si sentimente de disperare, de dezamagire intr-un viitor mai bun, o traiesc majoritatea tinerilor din Moldova. Ai adresa mea si putem sa comunicam, chiar as vrea sa ma intilnesc cu tine, daca esti de acord. Pa

Cheryl Dewitt | Jan 23rd, 2007
So much to absorb...Thank you for taking the time to rise above your shame and guilt to share your personal truth. It is the truth that makes an impression not on the brain, but in the soul of a person--their heart. It is a true privilage to hear your words of wisdom and gain insight to rise above my own mistakes. In my culture mistakes that spiritual guide you to become a better person. You are a blessing to everyone you reach through the simple act of being who you are---Where you are--nothing more or less. May peace be in your heart and lead your mind in your beliefs....Blessings

kesiena | May 6th, 2007
hey,i read your story and im not ashamed of you!im glad you had the courage to let everyone know what happened and its my hope that young women like you will tow a better path!i wish u the strength in healing and whatever else you do!ill send you a link to a popular ladies magazine in my country,will be a good lesson for young girls heretoo wishin to tow the same path.. regards.

Be Strong
Amin Visram | Sep 16th, 2007
I'm really sorry to hear your story in Dubai. I didnt know about human traffic there and thank you for sharing your story with us. Your courage and very strong woman to face thru hard times. Thank you for your courage. Amin

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