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Circle It Is Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Smitha Hanumantha, United States May 25, 2006
Poverty , Education , Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Circle It Is As I read, as I listen, and as I visualize it…

The very image that I see before me, my eyes lit up with an unmistakable passion for this yearning. It is words that convey what I feel, and I find myself transporting through times from here to there, to that very image that I visualized.

I see the world in still images, frozen moments of suspended times. Just as it is in a photograph, one can seek out an expression that can stand for all expressions. Photographs are the witness of a single moment, a heartbeat, a look, which can only have significance if they are meant to represent something else such as tears for all tears, and an experience for all experience.

What is exactly life? What do we leave behind, that cannot be worn down by wind, or time, or fire? It is the trace we leave on memory.

Aye, I left my marks and carry the memory of these images that I visualize in my mind and heart. And what is it I am left with? Yearning, more yearning leads to invoking the fire to flame continuously within me and not to give up.

As I read, as I listen, and as I visualize it…



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Smitha Hanumantha

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