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Embrace Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by ED2end, Canada May 23, 2006
Child & Youth Rights , Peace & Conflict , Poverty   Poetry


She's crouching right down
A corroded wall supports her boney back
Her knees hold her trembling head
Her hands hold her belongings, scarce in a sack

Sand, like fear spirals around her
Stinging and piercing her cheeks and ears
With wind, like grief gripping her whole
She spares a cry of pain but nobody hears

Her eyes are young, yet dull and bleak
Tears smear the dirt thick on her face
Covering fear with sadness
For the likes of her race

Scrapes cover her shins
Scabs plaster her hands
Blood seeps through her wounds
Shedding for her lands

The desolate ruins offer no comfort
Only thirst, pain and grief come to abide
Loneliness rips in her childish mind
Tearing her hope from side to side

She shivers inside and out
Longing for comfort yet knowing its chance
Praying for hope yet pressuming slow death
Slowly she fades, young and small
Her thoughts wander into a trance

A victim of war and poverty
She deserves a hope
Her life may be over, lost in death
But we can help
Help overcome war and loss
Change again and for the better



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