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Animal rights Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Let's Roll, Canada Oct 30, 2002
Human Rights , Environment , Environment   Opinions


Whether animals have rights is a good question of great importance because if they do, those rights must be respected. Animals have properties that qualify them for protection of morality.
One of the most important issues in the animal rights work is farm animals. Farming has become industrialised. Cows are chained to a box for ten months in a row - being allowed out only for 8 weeks a year. Calves and oxen are kept inside during summer and cows are kept in box-like cages where they cannot even turn around. Almost all pigs spend their life inside. Over 20 million poultry are slaughtered every year. The female animals are put in battery cages, where they spend their 75 week life. Animals are spending all of their lives in cages. 500,000 foxes and 400,000 minks live in wire cages in order to produce Norwegian fur. People should respect the animal's right to a nature life.
These animals are often confined in small unnatural environments. The training of circus animals involves suffering, and the unnatural acts may be exhausting to the animals. 300,000 animals are killed in experiments each year. Stress pain and discomfort experiments are being conducted at Norwegian universities. Testing rabbits, was used to test new cosmetic and products for eyes and skin irritations. Animal experiments are being kept secret in Norway. Animals should be respected for what they are in their natural environment.
ISAR began national homeless Animals day to publicize dog and cat overpopulation, to increase awareness of the millions of dogs and cats killed in shelter for lack of homes. More than any other event, significance of the overpopulation problem, and the killing must stop.



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Let's Roll

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great article
Angel | Nov 4th, 2002

great article
Angel | Nov 4th, 2002
where did you get the ideas for your article?Your article seems VERY professional.Did you get the ideas from taking it global.Your article is very true.Many animals are hurt and abused every day.Are you going to try and stop this???

great article
Kiefer | Nov 5th, 2002
I have to say that your article is true. Animals should be treated properly. Especially that rabbit in 206. What might you do to help stop this?

great article
Helen Fu | Nov 8th, 2002
I think this article is great, because usually people don't care about animal rights. So, I hope that people would care about them after reading your article.

Great Article
Sharon Garcha | Nov 14th, 2002
So true.

Great Article
Matt Master | Apr 2nd, 2003
So true. I hate animal that is hurt a lot. Hope everyone understands this article.

Kelly | Apr 8th, 2003
One thing to ask you. If we don't slaughter livestocks, what do non-vegetarians eat?

It sounds nice at first, but...
Jerry Welch | Sep 8th, 2003
What is being said sounds nice, but if we take a moment to examine it, the argument falls on its face. If they had rights, then violations of those rights would be crimes and whenever those rights are violated, the perpetrator would have to be legally liable, whether it is a human or a cat. That is, they can't claim rights without responsibilities to those rights. Animals are protected under the law, but they clearly do not have RIGHTS. Think about it; owning a dog or cat would be a violation of the Thirteenth Amendment and all dogs and cats would have to be released from human care. Is this what you really want? No, I think you really just want animals to be safe from abuse, which is another matter altogether.

It makes perfect sense
teresa nunes | Sep 15th, 2003
Your article not only sounds nice, it makes sense. People argued that we couldn't give rights to slaves in America because it would surely destroy the agricultural sector. They argued that we shouldn't pass Title IX to the Education Act (which required more funds to girls' and womens's sports) because it surely would destroy collegiate sports. Children have also been given more rights although they are must live with their parents until a certain age. Animals can still be in our "care" and have rights! In the future, this article you have written will be common sense to many people. People will eat healthier vegetarian diets, people will realize sentient beings need rights and respect and it won't be unusual: it will be the right thing.

Anna Limeback | Oct 14th, 2003
i definatly agree with what your saying, you see , a friend of mine has seen a bear dance in one those circus's you were talking about, but has never seen a policeman on a horse. this is a fine example of how much more animals are used against their will towards cruel masters.

Katherine | Nov 10th, 2003
Animals are important. Without them the world would die. That's why we should help to protect animals, not hurt them. One thing that I really hate is testing products on animals. What if the item is poisonous to the animal? In todays world, people are being more vocal about their rights, but what about the animals? That question is very important, but almost no one notices it. I don't mind farm animals, but animals that are in circuses that have to perform silly stunts for people's entertainment is cruel thing. Their living conditions are horrible. Many have to stay in tiny cages. They're usually malnourished. For these reasons, I'll never go to a circus that has animals. Another injustice is animals being slaughtered for their fur. Today we can make fake furs, so why kill creatures just so you can look "cool". This is a great article, but I disagree with some of your statements. Maybe we should make better living conditions for farm animals. Although I don't have a problem with killing animals for people to eat, not everyone is a vegetarian. Personnally, I love meat, but I still care about the animals' welfare. Also that part about animals being put down in shelters, I don't think that's wrong. The shelter may be too full so they have to put down the animals that have no chance of going to a home. Or maybe the animal was extremely sick, or had no chance of surviving and was in pain. You might be thinking that they should let some of the animals go, but that's not very smart because they might reproduce and make the problem worse. If they do multiply, they may affect the ecosystem by killing other animals. As you can see, I have mixed feelings, but the main point is that animals are being abused and we have to help them.

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