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by Connor Scanlon, United States May 12, 2006
Health   Poetry


Sometimes in life you have to step out of your body for a second, view yourself in ways you never thought possible. Learn things about yourself that you had no idea were there. You analyze every fragment of your being, every inch of your soul and realize that you need to make changes, big ones, and fast.

This has happened to me, and I’m sure it has happened many times to many people. I was walking down the wrong path, the one society paved for me. That path is well worn, no one will be upset, or mock you if you take it. They took it themselves. However, although the dominant one, it is not the only one. There are others, their beginnings hidden behind bushed or trees, so unworn by human feet you can scarcely tell there’re there.

And although they are rocky, steep and hard to walk, they will lead you to beautiful sights the walkers on the well-worn path can never imagine, for their minds are locked. The key is hidden where they dare not seek it, the truth. Their eyes are locked on things, materials, and they are led blindly into an imaginary world where everything is perfect. They isolate from the world outside. They stick their fingers in their ears and block out the cries of pain, the weeping of the souls behind the door they locked, begging to be let in, banging on the door, but it was all for naught. Their eyes are closed, they live inside themselves now, and no amount of pleading will bring them out of their abstinence.

I want to avoid this fate. I wish to take one of these unworn paths and live my life with love and compassion, be a spiritual being instead of a materialistic one. If I open myself to the world, do my best to understand it's workings, perhaps the world will open itself to me, and I will have led a full life.



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Connor Scanlon

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Suzanne Pierre | Jun 13th, 2006
I can relate to what you're saying here, probably like many others. I agree with you in that taking the path of life which is richer in spirit and in mind is not always the easiest, but yet worth the trek all the same. peace

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