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Young People, Take Charge Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Nonnoz, Namibia May 10, 2006
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Young People, Take Charge Let us take charge and decide at large
To initiate exposition of our opinions
and possess our dominions

Let us dismiss hypocrisy and enhance democracy
By changing the process
to measure our country’s progress

Let us eliminate apathy and reinforce empathy
By elevating maturity and alleviating inferiority

Let us expand our sights and express our rights
By opposing indifferences to settle our differences

Let us own propriety to improve society
By becoming moral as servants for all

Let us become optimistic to clarify the politic
And abolish violence by breaking the silence

We are the catalystic force…so… without remorse
Let’s set the course and endorse



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Writer Profile

Through writing I express my dreams, desires and dysfunctions. Just about everything that has meaning to me.
My writing was never without a purpose, just as my life and my contribution to life. I strongly believe I become a better person through the collective contribution of every person in this world.

It's awesome
maxwell odongo odhiambo | Jun 14th, 2006
I would recommend it highly

michael merritt jr. | Jun 16th, 2006
"Let us expand our sights and express our rights By opposing indifferences to settle our differences"...that was inspiring Anneline. great piece!

Henry Ekwuruke | Jun 19th, 2006
Let us be good citizens and forget not to work hard our future is in our hands.

Ziaul ahsan | Jun 20th, 2006
Simply great voice!

Great! On Point!
(Serah Katusia)Tussi | Jun 20th, 2006
I love this article, its so on point!

Jocelyn Sweet | Jun 28th, 2006
from one poet to another - hats off.

A vision of change...
Kimia Ghomeshi | Jul 4th, 2006
This is great! And the picture works so well with the message. Thank you.

Well said!
Wilson | Jul 10th, 2006
Straight to heart, I love it!

You poem is nice , but..........
Odimegwu Onwumere | Jul 19th, 2006
in the second stanza, the word "democracy" is not defined in the world's political terrain. Imagine where an incumbent still comes the second time to rule after the first! Poetess, you tried, liked the rythm of the work....

Need I say more

mamadou barry | Sep 27th, 2006
I love this article and i believe if we do at is said it will be good for us all, i belive in peace togetherness and love if we shear this we can make a better change in our future. There once a man with four children always they fight each other then one they the man call them all together an give each one a stick and said breake it for me and they breake it quikly and he take for sticks and give to each one and said to them each of them breake this for sticks together they try and could not able,then he told them if you unite together you will succede in life but if you devided you will fall unity bring strnght. So i believe that if we stop all this things and come as one we will succede in life.

Young People Take Charge
Kris T. Natt | Sep 30th, 2006
It is a inspirational awarkening call to the wolud be and now leaders to began now to stpo and place development proirities on young people; also it is an eye opening call to all young people to rised above complecencey and fear and move into a world that awaits then for change and releif.

Nice Piece but..........
Ebuenyi Ikenna D. | Nov 17th, 2006
sure the writ is great;but suffers the fate of either never getting to those that need it most or an unsuitable antidote to the mental poison young people have been subjugated to. yet,the writ is commendable!

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