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The Problem Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Crystal_Abongta, Cameroon Oct 30, 2002
Health   Opinions
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The major problem with a hand full of people is actually their slowness to receive new ideas. People most of the times want to feel before they understand. Many of the times when you try to feel before understanding, you plunge into a folly.
Moving around the streets today, you still find people who painfully think and even believe that AIDS is an Imaginary illness. Such people do every thing to convince themselves and others that nothing exists as AIDS. They want to see it before they believe and even go as far as believing that if at all AIDS existed they would never be infected. They tell you AIDS was not designed for them. This might explain why a greater chunk of the sensitization over the various media seems to fall on dead ears. The HIV virus keeps on widening the front.
Each time you go talking to a group of people about AIDS, many of them embark on a kind of mental rebellion. When the real picture of the repercussion of AIDS presented by the speaker, clashes with the false ideologies they have in their heads about the disease, they find themselves disbelieving it. They even desperately try to console themselves by getting others to join their camp. They begin to take the speaker for a fool. Just think over again, who is the fool in this case, the speaker or the deluded listener?
It is commonplace in Cameroon today to meet young people advancing derogatory questions and statements at an AIDS educator. They wrongly think that they are challenging the speaker and deceive themselves that the speaker is on a calculated plan to deprive them of the so-called good life.
These are exactly some of those attitudes that place many more people at the mercy of the HIV. It’s no exaggeration to think that AIDS is everywhere around us. It has been woven into the intricate web of our social existence until it’s just like a part of our social living. This should not lead you to phobias; there is a giant way out of this dilemma. We only need to see it.
Just imagine for a second, a young man who sees a young beautiful girl approaching him from a distance. If he is the type who goes for anything worth admiring as often as is the case today, he automatically becomes infatuated and carried away by the girl’s beauty. Since unfortunately many young girls today are fast converting themselves into answering machines programmed to say ‘yes’. What then if the boy meets and proposes to such a girl and she says the infamous ‘yes’. They immediately plunge into what they will painfully term love.
My questions to such victims now are, who is this girl you are calling your lover? And who is this boy you are dying for my dear girl? What about your sexual histories? How many times do you call different girls your sweet heart my young man? And how many different boys do you answer ‘yes’ to within a month young girl? Actually, more questions than answers.
These days, meeting a young man from the age group of fifteen and above who has not been sleeping around with a chain of girls, is like seeing the tears of a dog in the hot sun. It is even easier to bring the Red Sear to Cameroon than meeting a girl of age fifteen who is still a virgin.
I got into a taxi one evening, only to meet a young girl collecting the taxi fare from passengers. The response to my surprise came when I realized she was a girl friend to the driver. She was so happy to be driven around the town without realizing that she will certainly pay for such services when the driver drove her into his bedroom at the end of the day. I told her that she was a moving corpse when I was alighting from the taxi and after she had collected my fare. When she asked why, I told her to go and ask about HIV. She fired a current of abuses at me while the driver kept on laughing. Of course the driver knew just why he was laughing; he must have been carrying many other girls who perform the same role as this wench was doing. To him, it was all fun. Hardly did he know that he was laughing at his own calamity. This is perfectly how people are driven from safety into the fangs of the HIV and they start languishing as they await their death warrants the AIDS.
These young people who start calling themselves lovers from nowhere without even knowing each other’s sexual history constitute a real danger to themselves and the society. Don’t tell me any of them can give a vivid picture of their past when ask for. They always have something to hide from each other. Nobody wants the other to know how he or she had been messing around the place.
Many young people you meet today will certainly have a story to tell of their sexual partner’s, partners, partner’s… and the chain continues. This is how the HIV successfully crosses national and international boundaries unnoticed.
Some people today get themselves into various kinds of sexual webs. Just like the food web of an ecosystem, when one of the partners introduce the HIV into the web from an external source, the rest of the members soon end up with a good dose of it. All this accounts for the AIDS calamities recorded everywhere today.

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Writer Profile

Abongta is my name, some people especially writers choose to call me Crystal Brain. I am 28yrs old and a proud Cameroonian, who insists in seeing things in a slightly different perspective. I have a passion for satire thus my artistic works bring out that aspect in me which is most often kept in the catacomb of my being.

The tyrannical society, in which I grew up, shaped me into what I am today. My works especially the paintings serves as a major outlet without which I would better not exist.
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