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turing the pages of our lives Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by aubrey madeline, United States May 3, 2006
Poverty , Peace & Conflict , Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


we are turning the page our life
to see what is all about
are we being true to ourselves or the people around us
we ask the question, what are we doing here?
will we ever stop world hunger or end racism?
will we ever find our true happiness?
willl we ever gain back our hopes and dreams that someone tore away from us because of who we are and what we believed?
what has the world turned into? where money is taking the best of us -
the money is being handed to celebrities
not the hands of singles mothers with two or three kids working hours and hours
what has society taught us that we have to be thin to fit in where innocent girls are dying just to be the perfect body type?
our gorverment is crooked taking money away from hungry children
don't they see the children begging for something to eat, sleeping in the cold streets?
we need to turn to the page where our hopes and dreams used to be
we must teach our children to be their true selves, not to pick on anyone who is diffrent
we need to learn to stop the hate and love one another
i just dream that one day everyone will get along
where a mother will never cry again or a father bury his children
these are the pages of our lives and we will never judge someone by the book.......



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aubrey madeline

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