by Mohammad Nibras P K
Published on: Apr 30, 2006
Type: Poetry

Here the children carry
Only rainbow smile.
There is no cloudy face
Or any rainy eye.

Here the Love is true
And the Hope is strong.
There are only open hearts
And many helping hands.

Here the air is Fresh
And the water clean.
There is no muddy arm
Or any shaggy heads.

No tears are sold
Or any flesh is bought.
Here the soul is free
And there are joyous days.

The greenish leaves of
The bushy trees...
And the icy waters of
The rushing streams...

There are no weary minds
But only caring laps.
Here the sprouting kids
Feeds the roaring cats.

There is only bed of roses
And only fragrant breeze.
The thunder-bolts gifts
The festive joy.

There is no partiality
But only fraternity.
This is Shangri-La,
My dream HOME.

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