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How Safe Are Condoms? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Crystal_Abongta, Cameroon Oct 29, 2002
Health , Culture   Opinions


These condoms we so belief in can never protect us from AIDS any better than a hen promises to change herself into a dove. Only chastity has such powers. It is the only route to an AIDS free world. A brief look at the history of condoms can help us see the real picture.
Condoms came into the limelight in the dearly departed 1960s when the ideas of family planing were beginning to take firm roots in the consciousness of people. At that time, it was used as a birth control method, classified under barrier methods of prevention. That is, stopping the life-laden sperms from meeting the expectant egg from the ovaries. There was just the male condom at the time. With the advent of women’s emancipation and with the strive for gender balance in all spheres, the female condom was invented. This came to resolve the common cry from some women that the male condom was under the sole control of men. Women thus wanted something with which they could hold on to as the people in command. The female condom though still undergoing a revolution, has been no better than the male condom. As these condoms were proving unreliable, Spermicides (chemicals that kill sperms) were introduced to check their failure rate.
No major success has been recorded in this sphere especially as many people using the condoms still fell into the unwelcoming hands of ‘unwanted pregnancies’. That is how the whole idea of doubling contraceptives was born into family planing circles to increase the chances of prevention.
This failure rate of condoms is not uncalled for, considering that the microscopic sperms somehow find their way through the walls of the condoms and into the safety of the woman’s reproductive system to embrace the waiting hands of the egg and thus, pregnancy occurs. Imagine that if the sluggish sperms could pass through condoms, what more of the HIV virus, which is less than microscopic and looking for the slightest, chance to cross boundaries? The condom becomes no match for it to penetrate.
I think if half the energy and finances used in producing, marketing and promoting condoms could be used in developing the precious qualities of chastity in people, AIDS would have been history today.

Moncha Abongta Shu
Prolife Activist

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Writer Profile

Abongta is my name, some people especially writers choose to call me Crystal Brain. I am 28yrs old and a proud Cameroonian, who insists in seeing things in a slightly different perspective. I have a passion for satire thus my artistic works bring out that aspect in me which is most often kept in the catacomb of my being.

The tyrannical society, in which I grew up, shaped me into what I am today. My works especially the paintings serves as a major outlet without which I would better not exist.

Fundamentalism, extremism and sensationalism does NOT substitute fact
Troy Dunn | Oct 31st, 2002
No condoms are not 100% effective, but virtually are once you ACKNOWLEDGE facts clearly demonstrating that they are in fact the safest way to engage in sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse being something that is defined by the individual in how they practice this- NOT some intangible, heterosexist, outdated belif system. Firstly- why do you CRAZY hypocritical pro-lifers manage to claim such ironu and lies. If the absurdness of advocating that condoms do not minimise the risk of pregnancy and infection was successful (which it surely wil not), it would result in thousands, in fact eventually thousands more deaths. Nearly as rational as supposedly "PRO-LIFERS'" that KILL docors who perform abortions. There is a basis to your facts, but you are extremely scare mongering, moralistic and UNREALISTIC in your untruthful and ingnorant misinformation your article states. FACT: There are much higher incidences of cervical cancer amongst nuns and other celibate people, as thee human body- of course is created to have and ENJOY sex GUILT FREE!!!! If the sex is consensual, and no one is being harmed, then it is none of your ignorant, dogmatic business. The preposterous ideas you propose are against instinct- whether or not you want to concede this. FACT: Celibacy amongst catholic clergy has resulted in acute repression which has festered and resulted in the tragic abuse of many children by these people who are afflicted with distorted ideas through misconceived doctrine such as you are espousing.

Raymond M. Kristiansen | Nov 19th, 2003
conspiracy theories... let

Read this again
Abongta Shu Moncha Brain | Apr 11th, 2005
Firstly, it pays a lot more to be polite and respectful; this is a genuine ingredient of responsible humans. My article does not in anyway herald the Catholic religion as the best neither does it suggest that Pro-lifers are only catholic. I am not a catholic. Sarcasm does not in anyway resolve differences neither doe it help change others. I am not for example going to change what I uphold simply because a certain lousy Troy Dunn thinks I’m nuts. It’s no surprise that I detect homosexual tendencies in what you outlandishly and foolish bring yourself to write as comments. Homosexuality and pedophilias is becoming and integral part of the western world so it marked no news that Roman Catholic priests in the US get involve even when their counterparts in other responsible countries like Cameroon can’t get to such a deplorable level. Responding to your comments Lisa Thurston, I’ll rather say you need some more research. Abstinence from illicit sex does not mean we advocate for celibacy and in fact celibacy is not a solution to anything. Abstinence is prescribed to unmarried people. And because we acknowledge that at one time you might change camps and get involved in a relation, we recommend fidelity when you must have been married. What we decry is this syndrome of changing sex partners every now and then – and aspect I’m so sure a man like Troy Dunn should be suffering from. Concluding and whether you like it or not, the condom is no solution to HIV/AIDS. it has never been. It’s because we get confused between facts and opinions that we keep running away from the truth.

its not funny anymore
malefetsane | Feb 23rd, 2010
each time people are being encouraged to abstain, its a joke. I am sorry to say this but its not fucken funny anymore. I have two brothers and four sisters. One of my brothers is HIV positive and two of my sisters are HIV positive. Life is not easy for them to tell you the truth, as they sometimes get sick. So please jokes aside abstain and dont put your life on line with a condom

Andy Harglesis
Andy Harglesis | Nov 7th, 2013
This is a joke ... educate children on sex. Specifically, educate them on alternative ways to enjoy sex without the risk of pregnancy.

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