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Violence Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Prabesh Paudyal, Nepal Apr 11, 2006
Child & Youth Rights , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


Nepal is affected by the Maoist problem. The political situation in Nepal is also complexing day by day. The youth of the present are all leaving the country because of the violence. The maoist activities are increasing day by day, and the younger generation is finding it very difficult to think clearly in present situation of the country.

The decision making of the youth is corrupted by the violence,
and they are confused. The whole scenario in Nepal is confusing; the
interest of youth after completing college is to go out of the
country in order to escape from the confusion.

It is evident that the warring groups have taken full advantage of the confusion. The government has failed to provide young people with the resources, or an enabling environment to tackle the personal and societal challenges that beset them.

Nepal's violence has even created a hopeless mind setup. The middle class youth, who are the main potential of the country, are all leaving the country. An imbalanced workforce is also a result of this turbulent situation in the country. The nature of the population is different in rural areas from that of the urban areas; most of the youths from villages, particularly the ones
most affected by the conflict, have fled to urban areas of the country and out into the foreign world to seek work and/or to avoid intimidations from the warring parties. This has not only led to a social imbalance, but also affected the economy of the country.

With an overwhelming number of youths entering the city everyday, the job
market in the cities is under huge pressure. On the other hand, cultivable
land has remained barren, and livestock are dying, or set free because there is
nobody to cultivate the land or feed the animals.The overseas companies are also taking full advantage of the confusion or the insurgency in the young generation. There are many companies who are promising good jobs in foreign places; but when the people go there, there are no jobs for them, and they
have to stay there either illegally, or in prison.

In many countries, the youth are facing great problems from police. Many overseas companies are leaving innocent young people in the middle of their journey wiht nowhere to go. Many of these companies are promising good jobs; but in numerous cases, they are fraudulent offers.

The youth are the asset, and the nationbuilders of tommorow for the country. The country should invest in the training, mobilizing and educating of the youth.



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