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The Last Hope Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by EDITH, Benin Mar 20, 2006
Human Rights   Short Stories
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Anita, an undergraduate student, has an aged mother and a brother. Her father died when she was in secondary school. Anita was a very beautiful girl; tall and fair in complexion.

When she was still in school, she had the chance to get married; but she refused. After she graduated from the University, men still came to marry her. But no way, rather, all she could think of was money and nothing else.

Fortunately for her, she secured a nice job in one of the big banks in Nigeria (B.N) as the Assistant Managing Director. A house and a car with a driver were given to her. Automatically, she became a big lady. There was nothing else she thought about except her job and making money.

But her mother was not happy about her daughter’s life style. She was worried for her only daughter, and adviced her to get married so that she could embrace her grand child before she died. Anita decided to put what her mother told her into consideration.

Unknown to her, the first man that approached her was a married man with kids. His name was Peter. Peter was interested in her money and not marriage. While Anita’s intention was to get married to Peter, she was seriously planning for their wedding without knowing that Peter was a crook. Anita signed a cheque worth millions for Peter to use in the completion of their wedding arrangements. Immediately, Peter grabbed the money and disappeared into thin air. After two months, Anita did not see him, and she had no way of finding him.

One day, Blessing, a friends of Anita's, went to the supermarket to buy some things. She saw Peter, but pretended as if she did not know him. Infact, she was able to trace him to his apartment without his knowledge. Blessing went straight to see Anita and told her everything, giving her Peter’s home address, so that she could see things for herself.

When Anita got to Peter’s house, she saw a woman who claimed to be Peter’s wife as well as three children. Peter came out and pretended as if he had never met Anita. Before Anita could utter a word, Peter bounced on her and gave her the beating of her life.

Anita was getting old and desperate to get married at all costs. All of her friends were married, even Blessing came to inform her that she was leaving the country to go to America with her husband. People were making fun of her. She decided to marry any man that came across her for marriage, even without proper investigation.

In the meantime, Peter went and colluded with his friend Charles in order to deal with Anita.

Anita met Charles at a restaurant where both introduced themselves. Within a short time, they were in love to the extent that Charles promised to marry her. However, she demanded to see Charles' father for a blessing, without a proper investigation of whom Charles was. He introduced her to a fake father (with the help of Peter), who gave them his blessings. Consequently, Anita believed Charles and was so happy.

Anita told her mother about Charles and the engagement, introducing Charles to her mother who blessed them as well.

Three months later, Anita discovered that she was pregnant and told Charles about it. They were happy, and the date of the wedding was fixed immediately. The arrangement was still on when Charles told Anita that he had to go home and inform his people about the date of the wedding. He promised to come back the next day, so she gave him a huge amount of money for the wedding preparations.

After two weeks, Anita went to Charles' home with her friend Mary. To their greatest surprise, Charles had moved out of the house to meet his wife and children in Jos.

Anita had no other choice but to face the harsh realities of life. When the date of her delivery was due, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

After two years, Anita met Emeka in her office and they exchanged greetings. Emeka came back from Germany to establish his business in Nigeria. He had lost his wife through an accident, and had a daughter living with him in Germany.

Anita assisted him to established his business in Nigeria. Emeka was so thrilled and amazed by Anita’s beauty and intelligence, and wondered how such a beautiful gern could remain single. Within a short time, he fell in love with her. Anita noticing his advances, and was very careful not to be made a fool of again. Experience had taught her not to take men for granted, and the wisdom in looking before you leap.

She reminisced that at her age, and with her experience, if she could be fooled again, that would be her end. Therefore, she took her time to investigate who Emeka was, and studied his intentions towards her. They say “love is blind”, but Anita refused to be blind after she had suffered many injuries at the hands of men. Even if love is blind, she thought, no one seems to be an agent of blindness, walking towards love with thier eyes wide open. She decided to be a single mother other than suffer another shock from a man. She was happy watching her son and taking care of him.

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Writer Profile

I am a Nigerian journalist presently residing in Cotonou Benin Republic. I completed my secondary and tertiary education in Nigeria.

I worked in Champion Newspapers Limited from 1992 to 1994 as a news reporter. During my stay at Champion Newspapers, I was exposed to basic newsrooms operations, including coverage of field assignments such as newsgathering and generation from beats like economy, business reporting, politics, feature and opinion writing and news monitoring on radio and television. I displayed a great amount of skill in all my assignments.

I worked with the Federal Radio Co-operation of Nigeria (FRCN) as a scriptwriter, presenter and a producer of Children’s Programme, Today’s Woman, Health Corner and Radio Drama from 1994 to 1999.

I later joined my family in Cotonou Benin Republic in 1999. Due to the love I have for my career, I did not allow it to die or sweep away. I continued from where I stop in Nigeria.

Presently I am working with Capp Fm 99.6 as a presenter in Cotonou Benin Republic. I joined Capp Fm 99.6 in October 1999. Contributing Editor Les femmes magazine South Africa.
I am a member of African Economics Editors Network (AEEN) and International Women Media Foundation (IWMF) USA.
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