by aubrey madeline
Published on: Mar 20, 2006
Type: Poetry

Look into his eyes and tell me what do you see?
A lost boy, a hopeless child.
He was born into a Poverty stricken world
where he sees the death of his own father.
-Tears will fall but never dry-
In his arms he is holding his baby sister
-Tears will fall but never dry-
As she took her last breath.
She died of aids at only 2 months old.
-Tears will fall but never dry-
He knows his mother will be gone soon
because she has aids.
How can he take all of this grief at only 4 years old?
How will he eat? Who will take him in? Will he ever see the sun shine?
A little boy who has the world in front of him.
If he reaches out his hand,
Will you take it and walk?
Or just walk away.

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