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Suddenly Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by lucy wagereka, Kenya Mar 12, 2006
Environment , Peace & Conflict , Human Rights   Poetry


The atmosphere suddenly changed
What was blue and white was now grey and dark
Like a monster forming and ready to attack

Down its all noisy and confused
Sideways- children, mothers and fathers
Run for safety
And I in the middle not really sure what to do

Then it strikes harshly
Red sparks decorate the sky
And loud noise flees us all to safety

Children screaming, mothers trying desperately to cover their ears
The sound was louder than expected
Even I, brave and courageous, was for an instant dumbfounded

My sanity returned and it all began to make sense
For out of nowhere a tree criss-crossed the road
And up were flying objects ready to kill......

Run, run, run....



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Writer Profile
lucy wagereka

I like making people happy and one of the ways is by writing poetry, short stories and other articles that will enlighten. I believe that words can either heal or hurt. I hope my writing will heal and put a smile on someone's face.
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