by Oluyemisi Joel-Osebor (Nee Agboola)
Published on: Mar 10, 2006
Type: Poetry

No no, don’t ever allow self-pity to overshadow your dreams.
Because there’s ability in disability

What you call disability today could be a springboard to your success tomorrow

If you talk about your disability, then let me remind you that almost everybody has something about them they don’t like.
To some it may be height, to some skin colour, to some their physique.
So you know that disability is a thing of the mind.

Whatever challenges you’re facing right now prove that you are strong and resilient.
So pursue your dreams and make it real,
‘cause there’s ability in disability.

Many physically challenged people have made it and so should you.
Many mentally challenged people bring joy to others and you’re next in line.
Do not allow people’s negative opinion of you be your reality.
You can prove them wrong by bringing out the ability in your disability.
Stay focused, stay strong because there is ability in disability.

And you can be an example of such!

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