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Israel, America and The World Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Bobo, Nigeria Oct 14, 2002
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


With the heavy losses the Palestinians are suffering on daily basis, in terms of human life, freedom of movement, and economic activity, it is only logical that they would desire nothing more than a peace settlement and an end to their 52 years of suffering.
Do you want to say "What concerns you?" Anyway, it is part of my business. The existence of America and Israel with their mutual ally is a threat to world's peace; I mean, greatly, the position of W. Bush himself. It is only during his time we witness various upheavals and attacks. Why his time, is he suppose to be a military president, and why can't he just think twice? Before he knows it, he would have led the world to its end!
May be Israel has forgotten God commanded them to worship Him alone, and not to drive other people from their land, to which they accepted. Let them check the scripture.
Then why these wickedness acts against other people, are we not all entitled to this universe? The fact that the United States is Israel's strongest ally automatically disqualifies it from pretending to be an "honest broker." It has become increasingly obvious that the United States is only interested in enforcing Israel's desires, at the expense of the Palestinian people's rights. The Clinton administration has allowed the transitional phase to expire without Israel fulfilling the obligations that it had committed itself to.

Do I blame the attackers? I only pitied the people involved, may their souls rest in peace (those of them who were just in their lives). Why the attack in the first place? In your bid to dominate the world, America, it should not be at the expense of the world.



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Poor Palestinians
kiko | Oct 30th, 2002
First thing you need to get your facts strait....this land belongs to Israel...there was never a palestine so there can not be any occpying of 52 year by the Israelies...if anything you should say thank you for us letting you live in this country...second Israel has never done anything to the palesines with out a cause...before the Intefada Palestinens were working in Israel had there own Hospitals and Universities but becuase of some morans like Arafat took you as vornable people and used you to get against Israel... Right now there can never be peace as long as there are people like you who worship the attackers and prise them as peopel...even animals don't act like that... stop the suicied bombs and maybe there will be a chance for peace...

To Kiko
Moe | Oct 11th, 2003
It's been a year since you posted, but what the heck...you mention, "Get your facts straight"? Actually UN resolution calls for a Palestinian state along side a Jewish state and both share Jerusalem; however this goal was never acheived, not because of Arafat, but because of a very heavy hearted right wing extremist zionist entity that kept taking land away from the Palestinians. It goes on today with the building of settlements inside Plaestinian territory set up by the world comunity. But the Israeli right wing is so powerfull that the only law is that of the torah and all of Sumaria will belong to the "Chosen People" Therefor Palestinians must get out. This constitutes an invasion. Palestinians are simply the American Indians of the new era....suicide bombings, as wrong as they are, are a result of Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people.

On the other side...
Ralitsa Zaitseva | Oct 14th, 2003
The very same crimes are being commited by the Palestinian terrorist organizations and supported by their leaders, including Arafat. He was for a long time an advocate of terror. Surely if one asks "does this give Israel the right to do what they're doing?" the answer is no. But if the idea is to denounce the crimes commited on both Israely and Palestinian soil then we have to denounce them all. And we can't forget the inherent Arab prejudice and agressiveness against Israel which led to 3 wars. Had Israel lost how would the Arabs have treated the Jewish community? Any different from the way Israel treats the Palestinians now? So who's to blame? In my opinion, all the parties involved. They are all equaly responsible for the failiures of the several peace initiatives. The only sad thing is that many civilians from both sides are suffering. As to their leader, may they rot in hell.

to kiko
zainab zakari | Apr 19th, 2004
kiko first ofall do you know your history at all i dont think so ,why dont you do everyone a favour and stay quite.go and read about the first settlers and what today is known as palastine and israel. how i wish i have more time to educate you. you dont sound like an educated person. we all know what america and israel are doing to the palastine is not fair,the building of the fence and lack of free movement the constant harrassment.please spare me the one sided support it wont help.A youth like you should not think and talk that way please change it will help you.Everyone is equal in the eyes of God.

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