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Suicide Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Nonnoz, Namibia Mar 3, 2006
Human Rights   Poetry


The world will never understand
why you took the stand
and decided that it's the end
for your life can never mend

So many questions and conclusions
with no apparent solutions
which just increase the confusion
for your life became an elusion

Your laughter echoes in many ears
so contagious through all the years
no sign of fears
for your life we remember with tears

Sometimes life just gets too demanding
and to lose our way is just so tempting
in fact it's truly challenging
for your life will never be exiting

The world must respect your decision
for it was done with a reason
so hard to give recognition
for your life will never experience another season

Goodbye dear friend
for the world, you were only on lend
from the Almighty Hand
Who decided for your life to end



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Writer Profile

Through writing I express my dreams, desires and dysfunctions. Just about everything that has meaning to me.
My writing was never without a purpose, just as my life and my contribution to life. I strongly believe I become a better person through the collective contribution of every person in this world.
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