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Prophet Muhammad Cartoons: Media Freedom or Cruelty? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Wilfred Mamah, United Kingdom Feb 23, 2006
Human Rights   Opinions


Prophet Muhammad Cartoons: Media Freedom or Cruelty?
“Serious” journalism that should engage with public policy discourse seems to be paving the way for “unserious” journalism that celebrates gossip. The tabloids are the usual culprits. People’s privacies are being invaded for no just cause. Organizations and families are being wrecked by this kind of journalism, which often neglects the rule of “audi alteram partem” (hear the other party).

There seems to be something missing in the core curriculum within Journalism schools. Media Law, where taught, is often made an optional course. This is regrettable. There is a close relationship between journalism and law. Law is in fact the foundation of journalism because in absence of legal provision for free speech, there will be no journalistic practice. It is important for the new crop of journalists to reclaim the profession’s diminishing glory; a compulsory curriculum for Media Law, Logic and Clear Thought must be developed. This seems to be the only armor against this kind of journalism that neglects serious public interest issues to dwell in cruelty; gossip and half-truths.

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