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The Cradle of Poverty Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Simeon, Nigeria Feb 15, 2006
Human Rights , Poverty , Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Rock the cradle, rock the boat,
the arms of power rock they do,
while alms ringing in thirsty drone

Crying, hunger sang there too
man the cradle, bread to spare
nonetheles, none brewed here

A wailing man, cradle rock
famine in bellies sings the knock
the hour arm runs the clock

Feasting in death, flipping o'er
rock the cradle, rock they do,
where help sings the nought

the arms of power rock they do
a wailing child bread it asks,
none dear, to save the crippling knock
the arms of power rock they, the cradle
of poverty rock they do.



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Writer Profile

I am a graduate of business administration(marketing major) with diplomas in data processing and system engineering. I love the arts: poetry, painting and writing. However what makes a man is not in looks or interest but how positively he affects others and make the best out of people. I owe that to myself to get the best things out of life....My work revolves around information Technology, with the challenges of every day living...we are left with problems to deal with and the economy to contend with. This perharps defines my involvement in undertaking research into Development issues: personal development, job creation throught the ICT or e-commerce, which has been challenging with a lot of nocks and failure, I came up with the Brand TICK = art breakthrough as an approach to problesm solving personal development and wealth creation.
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